Evogen EVP Plus Review

Evogen EVP Plus Review

Evogen EVP Plus Review

Founded by Hany Rambod, a world class trainer who has coached multiple winners at the national level and other professional bodybuilding contests, Evogen Nutrition has made an impact in the world of fitness training and bodybuilding in just a few short years. Having earned a Biology degree at UCSB, Hany has long developed nutritional supplements for his own clients that left them shredded with a roundness and fullness that mirrored bodybuilding legends. Now, he has made his products available to the public. Let's look at just one of his top-of-the-line products, Evogen EVP Plus.

Evogen EVP Plus is an expertly formulated, high-quality complex that enhances energy levels while also improving performance and focus. It is designed to get you through a gruelling workout, regardless of your workout goals. EVP Plus ensures you achieve the ideal balance of ramped-up energy levels with an even stronger skin-splitting pump than you are used to.

Evogen EVP Plus Key Ingredients

  • FUSIL – As found in Evogen EVP, Fusil is a fermented, top-quality L-Leucine that stimulates protein synthesis and triggers anabolic reactions within the body. In addition, it speeds up muscle growth and repair.
  • Nutrient/Volumising Complex – EVP Plus, much like the non-stim version, contains several important ingredients for boosting muscle cell volume and the pump. These include several forms of arginine, as well as creatine gluconate and citrulline malate.
  • EVP Plus/Energy Complex – The main difference between EVP and EVP Plus is this blend, designed to maximise your energy and focus. Only three active ingredients – caffeine, beta-PEA and mucuna pruriens make their way into this complex, but they are three of the most powerful and beneficial compounds for boosting energy.
  • BioPerine – Made from black pepper extract, Bioperine significantly enhances the ingredients in this product, boosting their uptake and utilisation within the body.

Evogen EVP Plus Flavours & Sizes

EVP Plus is available in Peach-Mango flavour, in a 466g (40 serve) container.

Evogen EVP Plus Dosage

Per Evogen's recommendations, you should begin with 1 scoop or less 15 to 20 minutes prior to beginning your workout, and be sure to never exceed three scoops in any one day. EVP Plus is quite strong, so even seasoned caffeine junkies should start with one serve.

What We Like About Evogen EVP Plus

  • 100% carb and sugar-free
  • Excellent focus and energy blend to maximise your workout
  • Superior manufacturing practices and raw ingredient quality


Evogen EVP Plus is a well thought out nutritional supplement that is perfect for any athlete looking to give their workouts a boost. The added energy, combined with its focus on promoting muscle size and strength, make EVP Plus a great addition to any athlete's nutritional supplement regimen.

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