Fitmiss Delight Review

 Fitmiss Delight Review

Fitmiss Delight Review

Fitmiss is one of the most exciting new supplement companies to come to the Australian market, developed by the world-beating MusclePharm brand and designed specifically for women who want to be fit, strong and healthy. Fitmiss’s pink and black packaging stands out on shelves and will soon be as synonymous with women’s supplements as MusclePharm is with men’s.

Fitmiss Delight is the new women’s protein powder in the Fitmiss range, and rather than being loaded with stimulants to burn fat, it instead focuses on nutrient-dense ingredients to ensure optimal health and results. Delight features a greens blend – one of the first women’s-specific product to do so, as well as select vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.

Fitmiss Delight Key Ingredients

- Protein Blend – Fitmiss Delight is foremost a protein powder, and therefore the bulk of the ingredient blend is made up of protein sources. With whey protein concentrate, BCAA’s, egg albumin, micellar casein, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate, Delight features the highest quality proteins available. With some fast and some slower-digesting proteins, Delight is good to use at any time of the day. With the addition of Solathin (potato protein extract), you have the added benefits of reduced hunger and snacking.

- Greens & Fruit Blend – Probably the most impressive feature of Fitmiss Delight is the Greens & Fruit blend, featuring a nice range of natural and healthful ingredients such as flax seed, spinach, strawberry, blood orange and artichoke. The benefits of a blend like this are numerous to overall health.

- Digestive Enzymes – Fitmiss Delight includes two of the more important digestive enzymes – protease and lactase. These enzymes work to break down protein and lactose – which is especially important to ensure that your milk-based protein is being fully digested.

Fitmiss Delight Flavours & Sizes

Fitmiss Delight comes in a 22-serve tub, in Vanilla Chai, Strawberries N Cream and Chocolate Delight flavours.

Fitmiss Delight Dosage

Each serve of Fitmiss Delight delivers 16g of protein, 1500mg of the greens blend and 60mg of digestive enzymes. This makes Delight a good option for snacking, or if you increase the dose, for post-workout recovery.

Why we like Fitmiss Delight

- Comprehensive protein blend
- Advanced greens and fruit blend
- Three nice flavours


Protein supplementation is just as important for women as for men, and Fitmiss have created Delight that specifically meets the demands of the woman in training. With an excellent blend of proteins, digestive enzymes and a comprehensive greens and fruit blend, Fitmiss Delight is the ideal protein supplement to promote overall wellbeing, as well as specifically recovery and lean muscle growth for women.

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