Gaspari Glycofuse Review

Gaspari Glycofuse Review

Gaspari Glycofuse Review

Gaspari Nutrition continues to lead the supplement industry with premium sports and bodybuilding supplements which are tailored towards the athlete. Their protein powders, weight gainers, pre workouts and amino acid supplements are some of the most popular and well-respected on the market.

Glycofuse is the latest product from the mind of Mr Rich Gaspari, supplement creator and CEO of Gaspari Nutrition. Glycofuse combines quick digesting carbohydrates with electrolytes and excellent flavouring systems to assist with glycogen replenishment and providing a rapid energy boost to the user. Glycofuse is intended to be taken just after, or during a sporting performance or workout.

Key Ingredients

  • Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin - Dextrin is a low-molecular weight carbohydrate designed to replenish glycogen (muscle energy) rapidly. It is formed from a mixture of glucose polymers, and Gaspari's research suggests that it is the carbohydrate which leaves the stomach faster than any other. The value of this to an athlete or bodybuilder is that they receive an immediate energy boost, but by emptying the stomach of the dextrin, there's no bloating or nausea sometimes associated with other carbohydrate products. It also helps speed the digestion rate of other ingredients such as creatine and amino acids, and is perfect for spiking insulin levels and signalling muscle growth.
  • Electrolytes - Electrolyes are certain minerals which the body loses through sweat, and which are required for muscles to be able to function correctly. Glycofuse contains calcium potassium phosphate-citrate, dimagnesium malate and sodium chloride, which is a combination of the essential minerals lost through sweat.

Flavours & Sizes

Gaspari Glycofuse is available in a 1.68kg tub (60 serves), and in Orange Mango Twist and Strawberry Kiwi flavours.


Each tub of Glycofuse contains 60 servings, which each providing 25g of dextrin. With the high quality of the product, and the fast insulin response, 1-2 servings would be enough for most athletes after a workout or training session. For longer periods of exercise, multiple servings might be necessary.


Gaspari Glycofuse is certainly not a cheap product. It ranks right up with Vitargo as one of the more expensive carbohydrate supplements. However if you are looking for the best available product, and price is not your main concern, you probably wouldn't select plain dextrose or maltodextrin. Each serve of Glycofuse comes in at around $1.35, which still isn't too bad.


If you're looking for the fastest carbohydrate absorption and nutrient delivery, Gaspari Glycofuse is going to be atop that list. With a super low osmolality rate (stomach emptying), it's going to restore your energy and not upset your stomach.

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