Gaspari Nutrition Real Mass Advanced Announcement

Gaspari Nutrition Real Mass Advanced Announcement

Gaspari Nutrition Real Mass Advanced Announcement

Gaspari Nutrition is one of the world’s premier sports supplement companies, and has been at the forefront of research and development for some of the most popular supplements ever produced. Owned and operated by ex-Mr. Olympia runner-up Rich Gaspari, Gaspari Nutrition preaches quality foremost, and is much less aggressive on marketing strategies than its competitors. Mr Gaspari’s supplement range is extremely well-thought out and offers a full spectrum of bodybuilding and sports nutrition products for men and women.

Since Gaspari Nutrition took a popularity hit from the Probiotic supplement series a few years ago, it was always on the cards that the great company would take the necessary steps to go back to an era when Gaspari dominated the supplement scene. Products like Superpump 250, Myofusion Hydro and Real Mass were some of the biggest sellers of all time, and loved by thousands of weight trainers worldwide. We’ve seen a big shift back towards the formulas that put Gaspari Nutrition on the map, first with Myofusion Advanced, then Superpump 3.0, and now the announcement of Real Mass Advanced. Real Mass Advanced is going to be one of the most sought-after weight gainers when it is released in Australia – we’ve been taking numerous enquiries from customers asking us when Gaspari will release another weight gainer.

Gaspari Real Mass Advanced – What We Know So Far

We actually have quite a lot of information about the new Real Mass Advanced. We’ll be looking at a 12lb bag (5.4kg), which is around 22 x 250g serves. This provides 188g carbs, 47g protein and 7g fat, for a total of 1000 calories per serve. What we really like about the Real Mass Advanced blend, though, is that the carbs used include the Glycofuse highly branched cyclic dextrin – one of our favourite carb products on the market. The proteins in Real Mass Advanced are from a blend of whey and casein (no egg), and there’s additional creatine, glycine and BCAA’s in the mix.

Gaspari Real Mass Advanced – When Will We Get Our Hands On It?

With only a recent announcement in the US, Real Mass Advanced is still a few months away from landing in Australia. We expect America to get their hands on the new gainer within the next month, and then we’ll have to add a month or two for the Australian distributor to clear it for import and sale down under. Until then, keep checking back for more info!

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