Gen-Tec BCAAs Review

Gen-Tec BCAA's Review

Gen-Tec BCAA’s Review

Gen-Tec is one of Australia’s premium supplement brands, founded by professional bodybuilder Nick Jones in 1999. As a former Mr World, Mr Australia, Mr Australasia and 2nd place Mr Universe, Nick Jones has devoted much of his life to the sport of bodybuilding, and the Gen-Tec supplement range reflects his commitment to hard work and dedication. With ultra-premium raw materials, and some of the most intelligent supplement blends on the market, Gen-Tec Nutrition delivers cutting-edge products to maximise the results from the hard work you put in at the gym or on the sports field.

Gen-Tec BCAA’s is one of those simple, yet powerful products that should be included in every trainer’s supplement routine. For anyone looking to maximise recovery, muscle growth, strength or performance (which is most of us!), branched chain amino acids are a must – especially around higher stress times like during training or performances. With an 8:1:1 ratio of leucine to isoleucine to valine, Gen-Tec BCAA’s is one of the most anabolic products you’ll find on the market.

Gen-Tec BCAA’s Key Ingredients

  • BCAA’s – Branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) are the three key amino acids that are necessary for muscle growth and recovery, and cannot be made within the body. For this reason, BCAA’s need to be taken in as part of a high-protein diet, or through supplements. Gen-Tec BCAA’s focuses on leucine, which has been shown to be the most anabolic amino acid – it stimulates muscle growth through the mTOR pathway, and is the best-known amino acid to spike insulin levels without the need for carbohydrates. This makes leucine ideal on a low-carb diet for anyone looking to build or protect muscle mass.

Gen-Tec BCAA’s Flavours & Sizes

Gen-Tec BCAA’s comes in a 300g container (100 serves), in a Lemon flavour.

Gen-Tec BCAA’s Dosage

The recommended serving size for Gen-Tec BCAA’s is 3g, although you’d easily be able to increase this dose for even more pronounced benefits. To cover all bases, we’d recommend taking a serve immediately before and a serve immediately after – this ensures muscles are constantly supported with BCAA’s, limiting muscle breakdown. You’d then take your protein or recovery drink after this.

Why we like Gen-Tec BCAA’s

  • Super-dosed leucine – ideal to boost muscle growth
  • Highly pure raw ingredients
  • Only 1.5% flavouring – far lower than any other products on the market


Gen-Tec BCAA’s is a simple and powerful product designed to boost recovery and muscle growth. By taking a serve before and after heavy training, Gen-Tec BCAA’s ensures that your muscles are adequately supported through your training sessions and your body is primed for growth.

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