High Protein Foods

High Protein Foods

High Protein Foods

Most people understand the importance of eating a diet high in protein - it's essential for so many processes in the human body. Organs, muscles, hair, skin, nails and many other parts of the intricate systems in the body require adequate amino acid levels (from protein) so they can function properly, and protein deficiency can lead to a number of health concerns.

If you're looking to boost your protein intake, there are countless foods that boast high protein contents which can help you, and some of the best ones are listed below. Please note the weights listed for the foods below are raw weights.

Animal Sources

  • Lean Beef (100g) - 22.6g protein
  • Chicken Breast (100g) - 23.4g protein
  • Salmon Fillet (100g) - 21.1g protein
  • Whiting Fish (100g) - 18.4g protein
  • Canned Tuna (100g) - 22.1g protein
  • Turkey Breast (100g) - 22.3g protein
  • Whole Egg (60g) - 6.6g protein


  • Whole Milk (250ml) - 8.8g protein
  • Skim Milk (250ml) - 9g protein
  • Cheddar Cheese (100g) - 24.8g protein
  • Reduced Fat Cheddar Cheese (100g) - 24.5g protein
  • Cottage Cheese (100g) - 15.5g protein
  • Reduced Fat Cottage Cheese (100g) - 10g protein
  • Greek Yoghurt (100g) - 4.7g protein
  • Whey Protein Isolate (30g) - 27g protein

Plant Sources

  • Kidney Beans (100g) - 6.6g protein
  • Black Beans (100g) - 21.6g protein
  • Quinoa (100g) - 14.1g protein
  • Brown Rice (100g) - 7.2g protein
  • Peanuts (100g) - 24.7g protein
  • Lentils (100g dry) - 24.2g protein
  • Soy Milk (250ml) - 7.8g protein
  • Almonds (100g) - 19.5 protein

As you can see, there are countless protein sources out there, from plant, animal and dairy sources. If you're allergic to a certain source, such as dairy or nut, then you'll be able to find a protein source that suits your needs. For vegetarians and vegans, there are so many plant sources of high protein foods that make it easy to avoid animal products and still maintain a high protein diet. Happy eating!

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