How to Stay Fit Whilst Travelling

How to Stay “Fit” Whilst Travelling

We’ve all fallen victim to packing on extra kilos whilst travelling and savouring what the world has to offer. Trust me, I’ve fallen victim to this myself! Travelling Europe in 2015 definitely re-exposed my well rounded cheeks and beautiful double chin hahaha. What a great time it was though! I don’t regret a single moment…although I do believe there would have been a much better way to go about things. A few hints and tips I’ve managed to stick to, has helped me stay fit and healthy whilst enjoying the beauty Europe has to offer while I’m living in London town.

Stay Fit Whilst Travelling 1

Walk, Walk WALK!

Don’t neglect the burning of valuable calories while you’re sitting in your taxi or Uber. Sure, it seems to be a great option to save the feet some tiredness, but not only do we miss the benefit of exploring (and getting lost!) in great cities, we also keep many hundreds and hundreds of calories in our system that can be so easily burnt getting from point A to B. Put on a comfortable pair of sneakers and get walking. Carry a backpack filled with whatever you need for the day and get active people.


Snack Attack!!

Something that really got me in 2015. Being on a bus for long stretches calls for getting the munchies and come on, honestly, how often are snacks going to be healthy? It’s not too often we have protein shakes and bars at the ready... I was turning to M&M’s, Maltesers, Pringles and Doritos! I was making bad choices purely because I was lazy and probably not even hungry. My advice here is larger meals. When travelling, don’t be afraid to let your hair down a little, but if you do want to keep fit and shy away from adding those extra kilos, increase your protein intake in your meals to curb hunger for longer and make wiser choices when it comes to those little snacks.

 Stay Fit Whilst Travelling 2

Intermittent Fasting!

A great weapon or tool to use when travelling. Something I’ve used when taking weekend trips away and don’t really need to change my lifestyle completely. Now essentially what it is, is fasting for periods of the day to allow most of your calories to be consumed when you actually want to eat. So as an example, and what I would do, is wake up and consume plenty of water and coffee through the day. Consuming little to no calories. Then once dinner came around, knowing very well dinner would be “calorific”, especially if there was going to be alcohol included, I’d enjoy a large dinner, still enjoying the local food and drink but with zero regret knowing very well I had the room for it all in my daily calorie bank!

This might not work for you….especially if you are one of those people who just absolutely could not skip breakfast and hold out a little longer, but I promise you, these small adjustments, just for a few days, can really make a difference!


Water is Gold!

It’s liquid gold for your body! Dehydration is one of the worst states to put your body into. Body functionality is at its lowest when it’s low on fluids. Travelling usually brings on high sodium salty meals. These cause great dehydration in the body. Don’t you ever notice after that amazing pizza, how thirsty you become? Yep, that’s salt!
Water!!! Carry it with you everywhere. Sip it throughout the day. There’s no excuse to go hours on end without water and put yourself in that position. Water will help not only keep you feeling better but will also help in bringing down that little belly bloat from last night’s dinner and dessert.

Now in sharing all these tips I’m not saying you need to be super-strict and not have any fun while travelling because I’m stating the exact opposite haha but I promise you, a few minor changes will definitely save you from needing new work pants when you get home :P