IForce Nutrition Max Out Review

iForce Nutrition Max Out Review

iForce Nutrition Max Out Review

iForce Nutrition’s products are extremely popular in the US and are beginning to gain that following in Australia, thanks to powerful supplements which boost performance, recovery and muscle growth. iForce’s ingredient blends mainly feature well-documented ingredients that achieve results, rather than new and untested nutrients that have no research backing.

Max Out is iForce’s new pre-workout, and looks to be taking over from Maximize Intense – a highly popular, concentrated pre-workout. Unlike the new Hemavo2 Max, Max Out contains an intense stimulant and adaptogen blend, and while it does work to enhance pumps through a strong Nitroplex ingredient blend, it’s a far less specialised pump product as compared to Hemavo2. Max Out contains four key ingredient blends, which combine to enhance focus, energy, pumps, vascularity, hydration and recovery – all important features of a good pre-workout.

iForce Nutrition Max Out Key Ingredients

  • Adrenaplex – The first blend contains the mental and physical energy boosters – malic acid, caffeine, PEA and synephrine. These are some of the better stimulant products on the market, having been used in pre-workouts and fat burners for many years. With a 1625mg serving size, this is going to give you a serious kick.
  • Nitroplex – Max Out combines glycerol monostearate and potassium nitrate in this pump blend – a simple yet powerful blend. Glycerol is ideal for increasing muscle cell size, pulling nutrients in to muscles, while potassium nitrate is a powerful nitric oxide booster – increasing bloodflow and pumps.
  • Cogniplex – A more recent feature of the better pre-workouts is a mental focus/adaptogen blend like this Cogniplex blend in Max Out. Mental focus is a key requirement for a good workout, and the inclusion of rhodiola rosea, DMAE and huperzine A ensures that your brain is switched on for action, and that your body adapts optimally to the stress caused by your workouts.
  • Hydraplex – The final blend in Max Out is a hydration blend, combining potassium phosphate, sodium phosphate and magnesium phosphate. These minerals are vital, and are easily lost during intense exercise, and therefore need to be supplemented.

iForce Nutrition Max Out Flavours & Sizes

Max Out comes in a 222g tub (30 serves), in Lemon Drop flavour.

iForce Nutrition Max Out Dosage

Each 7.4g serve of Max Out delivers 1625mg of the Adrenaplex blend, 2600mg Nitroplex blend, 700mg Cogniplex blend and 175mg Hydraplex blend. They’re all the doses we’re given, so we’ll have to guesstimate exact amounts. With no creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline or other high-dose ingredients, the 7.4g serve could well include each ingredient at a valid dose. Especially for the Adrenaplex blend, which contains caffeine, PEA and synephrine – all ingredients that are needed at under a few hundred milligrams per serve. As we mentioned earlier, one serve will give you a nice kick, so don’t increase the serving size off the bat. We’d recommend starting with a half serve to assess tolerance.

iForce Nutrition Max Out Features

  • Strong all-round blend
  • Well-dosed
  • Non-jittery, intense focus and energy blend

The Bottom Line

iForce Nutrition Max Out is a welcome addition to the iForce brand, and although it’s another in their range of pre-workouts, it stands alone from Hemavol and Hemavo2 Max as an extremely-powerful energy, focus and pump booster.

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