Is AMP Citrate Being Banned in Australia?

Is AMP Citrate Being Banned in Australia?

Is AMP Citrate Being Banned in Australia?

AMP Citrate, or DMBA, is widely regarded as the best legal stimulant on the market since DMAA was banned in 2012. DMBA, a chemically-similar compound to DMAA, has been touted by users as more effective and longer-lasting than DMAA, and as a result it’s been used in a number of supplements – particularly fat burners and pre workouts. With the popularity, unfortunately, comes media scrutiny, and we seem to be in the same position with AMP Citrate as we were in 2012 with DMAA.

The Issue of Pouchong Tea

For supplements, particularly due to FDA regulations in the US, it’s extremely important that the compound is naturally-occurring. If that’s the case, then it’s a food and not a drug. DMAA was pulled from the market, because manufacturer’s claims that it was a naturally-occurring component of geranium was not proven – therefore it was an unapproved drug. We face a similar situation with AMP citrate and the plant it’s supposedly found in – pouchong tea. Only two Chinese studies have found DMBA in pouchong tea, and one of them in as low a quantity as 0.00012% - meaning you would need 100kg of pouchong tea to extract 12mg of AMP citrate. That means it’s impossible to add pouchong tea to a product and have AMP citrate at anywhere near what a valid dose would be. The only explanation for the AMP citrate doses – they’re man-made.

AMP Citrate in USA

A number of prominent supplement companies and retailers in the US have pulled AMP citrate and products containing the compound off the market. This is due mainly to media pressure, rather than any decision by the FDA or any other governing body – the FDA is still reviewing the safety and AMP citrate. Manufacturers like VPX have spoken freely against the media and FDA regarding AMP citrate – offering studies to show it is a natural substance and should not be banned. Unfortunately, it looks like AMP citrate being not just pulled from shelves, but banned altogether in the US seems inevitable.

Will AMP Citrate be Banned in Australia?

From what we’ve seen with other products, Australia tends to follow quickly behind the US. If we do hear about an official ban for AMP citrate in the USA, we’re sure to see the TGA or Food Authority in NSW follow their lead. I hope we’re wrong, but it looks like only a matter of time before this happens. Rest assured, the supplement companies will already be developing the next best stimulant to take over for the next couple of years. And until they’re pulled from our shelves, you can buy AMP citrate-containing products from Protein King.

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