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Born in Massachusetts USA in 1973, Jay Cutler worked for his family’s concrete business from the very young age of 11. This is where his sculpted body began to develop. At the age of 18, Jay began weight training, realising his love for bodybuilding. At 19, he competed in his first competition, taking the gold medal. Over the next several years, Jay Cutler completely dedicated himself to bodybuilding, going on to win the Mr Olympia title four times. His success as an athlete along with his immense knowledge of the fitness industry led to the development of his own range of supplements. The Jay Cutler Elite Series was released in 2013. Jay Cutler is one of the most well-known and sought after bodybuilders currently in the industry, making him one of Protein King’s favourite pro athletes.


You don’t just wake up one morning with 140kg of pure muscle. Jay Cutler has been training and sculpting his show-stopping body for over 20 years. With the same dedication and hard working attitude as the day he first picked up a dumbbell, Jay has achieved some amazing results. These are his training secrets to success –

1)  Stick to the basics

You don’t need fancy infomercial-style equipment to get big, you just need to follow a strict diet and exercise routine with unrelenting dedication.

2)  Sleep and eat to grow

The most important aspect of any training routine is rest and recovery. Muscles require adequate rest in order to grow. The same goes for fatigued muscles. Without energy and fuel, muscles become fatigued, making gains extremely difficult to achieve. Thus, a strict diet and proper supplementation plan must be implemented to ensure you achieve your sought after results.

3)  Focus on your weaknesses

Train your weakest muscles in order to achieve symmetry in your physique. If you find yourself dreading leg day, then train that muscle group harder than anything else.

4)  Skip the schedule

Jay, unlike most bodybuilders, doesn’t follow a strict training schedule. His training depends on how his body feels, so if he is a little sore one day he may just skip that body part or the workout altogether. It is vital to train for yourself. Figure out what works best for you and follow that instead of the professionals.

5)  Heavy is the key

If you are looking at gaining some serious mass like Jay, don’t worry about high rep ranges. The key is to lift as heavy as you can with a low rep range. As long as you are progressively adding weight to the bar, you can achieve some massive results.


Jay Cutler follows a strict diet routine consuming 7 meals daily to build and maintain his incredible body. For those of you hoping to look like Jay be prepared to throw in some serious hours in the kitchen. Jay spends approximately 5-6 hours cooking and eating every single day. He eats every 3 hours, even during sleep. Here are Jay Cutler’s tips to gaining lean muscle-

1)  Nutrition

Diet is more important than exercise. If you don’t consume the right amount of fat, carbs and protein to help your body grow, it won’t matter how many hours you spend in the gym. Put as much effort into your diet as you do the gym.

2)  Supplement

There is such a vast range of supplements out there today that it can be daunting deciding what to take. If you are just beginning, stick to a basic protein powder and a multi vitamin. For the more advanced athletes out there, look at BCAAs, fat burners and pre-workouts to help accelerate your results.

3)  Schedule

Schedule time for meals. Even if you aren’t planning on entering the Mr Olympia competition any time soon you should still be aiming at consuming roughly 5 meals per day. Your body simply cannot grow if you don’t give it the right nutrients to do so. Skipping even one meal can be detrimental to your results.

4)  Listen to the professionals

Research what will work best for your specific body type and goals. There are literally thousands of articles out there telling you exactly what to eat so why not take the time to read a few of them. I guarantee you are not the first skinny guy out there trying to put on some serious muscle so listen to the professionals to get the very best possible results.

5)  Carbohydrates

If you want to gain muscle you need to eat carbs. Simple protein-only meals won’t suffice. Jay mixes up his meals with both high and low GI carbs. He even eats a Snickers or two every now and then. This is the only way to fuel your muscles enough to see some real growth.


Supplements are vital to achieve any fitness goal. Jay Cutler has an extensive daily supplement routine that he follows religiously in order to build and maintain his physique.

Jay begins the day with breakfast and a scoop of Jay Cutler Elite Series Total Protein. This blend has a complex mix of fast and slow digesting proteins making it perfect first thing in the morning when your body has been fasting. The fast digesting proteins get absorbed into the muscles quickly to prevent any further tissue breakdown while the slow digesting proteins are released over the next few hours.

Jay also washes down Big T, a testosterone booster, with his morning shake. Test boosters can make a huge difference when trying to gain some serious mass as testosterone is the hormone responsible for growth in the body. As you begin to age, the body’s natural production of testosterone decreases, making muscle gains difficult to achieve.

For pre-workout supplementation, Jay relies on Legend, his own formulation which is designed to increase energy production, focus and power in the gym.

During his gym sessions, Jay likes to take an amino acid formula. This helps to build and repair muscles. Jay Cutler Amino Pump has a high dosage of Creatine and the essential Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which work together to repair damaged muscle tissue.

Once again, for post-workout supplementation, Jay takes another serve of the Jay Cutler Total Protein.

This basic supplementation plan should be an integral part of every bodybuilder’s nutrition strategy. It is next to impossible to achieve results as incredible as Jay Cutlers without the help of some good supplements.


Jay Cutler has been gracing the stages and magazines of the world for years with his perfectly sculpted body. His hard work and dedication to the sport of professional bodybuilding has certainly paid off for this four time Mr Olympia winner. It just goes to show that drive, dedication and some well formulated supplements are all you need to one day resemble the great Jay Cutler.

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