M4 Nutrition iBurn Review

M4 Nutrition iBurn Review

M4 Nutrition is a US-based supplement company that has been in operation since 2008, creating supplements with the athlete’s needs foremost in mind. Their main focus is to outperform the competition at every stage of product design, development and marketing, and M4 takes pride in consistently producing unique supplements that work.

iBurn is the new powdered fat burner in the M4 Nutrition iSeries range, and is a micro-dosed  supplement that ‘tackles every aspect of losing weight’. iBurn focuses on a few potent yet small-dosed ingredients, which ensures that even though you’re taking in only 2.9g of product each serve, you’re still getting an effective dose of ingredients.

iBurn Key Ingredients

  • Fibersol – The first ingredient in iBurn is Fibersol – a patented form of dietary fibre used in many foods and supplements around the world. The benefit of adding an ingredient like Fibersol to a fat burner is twofold – firstly, it reduces the insulin load, which reduces the body’s ability to store body fat. Secondly, it supports a healthy liver and digestive system – this allows your body to release stored body fat to be burned for energy.
  • Tartaric Acid – Tartaric acid is a natural component of fruit such as grapes and bananas, and is a potent antioxidant. In addition to improving the flavour of a product, and improving the mineral absorption, the antioxidants in tartaric acid ensure that your body can combat free radicals and remove toxins from the system. Much like the Fibersol, tartaric acid supports a healthy liver and therefore increased fat burning.
  • Infinenergy – Just in case you thought iBurn was made up of only health-boosting ingredients, this Infinenergy blend contains all the ingredients you want to see in a fat burner. In this blend, you have caffeine, theobromine, hordenine, higenamine, guarana, green tea extract n-methyl-tyramine, synephrine and dendrobium. In short, these are some of the most potent fat burners and energy enhancers on the market currently.

iBurn Flavours & Sizes

M4 Nutrition iBurn comes in a 30-serve container, in Tropical Dream, Strawberry Lime and Blue Raspberry flavours.

iBurn Dosage

Each serve of iBurn is just 2.9g, which is one of the smallest serving sizes you’ll find on the market. Aside from the Fibersol and tartaric acid, though, the rest of the ingredients in the blend don’t need huge doses to be powerful. You should definitely feel one scoop of iBurn working its magic, and take a maximum of two scoops in any 24-hour period.

Why we like iBurn

  • Addresses liver health for another fat-burning pathway
  • Micro-dosing, yet powerful formulation
  • Some of the strongest energy ingredients on the market


While iBurn doesn’t boast the massive serving sizes of competitors, M4 Nutrition designed this product this way for a reason. A micro-dosed supplement reduces the overall insulin, toxin and artificial flavour/colour load on the body, which tends to derail some of the super-sweet fat burners out there today. With a small dose and extremely powerful ingredients, M4 iBurn can be used by anyone looking to shed bodyfat and support healthy energy and strength levels.

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