Maxs Muscle Growth GTE Review

Maxs Muscle Growth GTE Review

Max's Muscle Growth GTE Review

The Max's protein range is amongst the most diverse of not only any supplement company in Australia, but in the world! Max's supplies its customers with a full range of whey proteins, weight gainers, lean mass builders and fat burning proteins, as well as a whole range of other sports nutrition products.

Muscle Growth GTE is a whey/casein blend, with added glutamine, taurine and enzymes (hence the GTE). Muscle Growth GTE is a lean protein formula excellent for night time or between meals due to the slow-digesting casein, but is suitable for post workout also with the whey concentrate releasing amino acids into the bloodstream much quicker.

Key Ingredients

  • Protein Blend - Max's Muscle Growth GTE features a blend of whey protein concentrate and micellar casein, which are two of the best-utilised protein powders you can buy. Whey concentrate usually digests within 2-3 hours, while micellar casein takes up to 8 hours to digest. This makes GTE a great medium-slow digesting protein, ideal for anyone who has a fast metabolism and gets hungry as soon as they finish eating.

  • GTE - In addition to the two protein sources, Muscle Growth GTE contains added glutamine peptides, taurine, digestive enzymes and added branched chain amino acids. These work in combination to improve muscle growth, reduce muscle soreness, reduce gastrointestinal upset/bloating, improve nutrient uptake, and enhance recovery.

Flavours & Sizes

Maxs Muscle Growth GTE comes in a 1kg and 3kg tub, providing 25 and 75 serves respectively. GTE comes in Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate/Vanilla twin pack flavours.


Each 40g serve of Muscle Growth GTE provides 32g of protein, which equates to 80%. This is a good percentage of protein, especially for a product that contains a blend of whey concentrate and casein (usually resulting in much higher amounts of carbs and fat). This 32g dose of protein is ideal for most people looking to maintain or add lean muscle mass, and can be used effectively multiple times per day.


At between $1.55 and $2.10 per serve (depending on the size purchased), Muscle Growth GTE rates very well in terms of price.


Max's Muscle Growth GTE is an excellent protein powder for anyone who wants a slower digestion rate, wanting a night time protein, or due to a fast metabolism. The combination of whey and casein provides a medium and slow release of amino acids, and with the addition of vitamins and minerals, glutamine, taurine, BCAA's and digestive enzymes, Muscle Growth GTE is an excellent all-round protein for muscle support and lean muscle growth.

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