Maxs Supersize Review

Maxs Supersize Review

Max’s Supersize Review

In March 2014, the hugely popular Max’s protein range was completely revamped as part of their ‘Back in Black’ campaign. All your favourite products – whether a weight gainer, lean protein, WPI or whey blend has been reformulated and repackaged. No longer do Max’s proteins come in the black plastic tubs they’ve been known for using for many years – they’re now all in boxes similar to the Supershred and Superwhey products. Not only has the packaging undergone extensive redesign, but most of the products have too – and we think they’re going to be more popular than ever.

For anyone who has tried a weight gainer in the last few years, they’re sure to have come across Max’s Supersize – one of the most popular mass gain supplements on the market currently. Supersize is a blend of protein and carbohydrates in a ratio designed to enhance muscle growth and push the body’s caloric intake to a level where it is forced to grow. With around 500 calories per serve in water and some great flavours, the new Max’s Supersize picks up where the old one left off and will continue to help people gain quality mass.

Max’s Supersize Key Ingredients

  • Whey Protein Concentrate – The protein found in Max’s Supersize is from whey protein concentrate – a highly anabolic whey protein source. Whey concentrate as a raw ingredient is around 80% protein, boasting a good ratio of amino acids and growth fractions.
  • Maize Maltodextrins – The carb source in Supersize is maltodextrin from maize (corn), and is also known as ‘glucose polymers’. These are very easily digested within the gut, delivering fast fuel to the body and helping to refill glycogen stores which are depleted by intense exercise. Glucose is used to fuel every cell within the body, and is also a potent insulin spiker.

Max’s Supersize Flavours & Sizes

The new Max’s Supersize is available in a 1.2kg and 4kg box, in Banana, Chocolate and Cookies & Cream flavours.

Max’s Supersize Dosage

Each serving of Max’s Supersize is 120g, which delivers around 34g protein, 78g carbs, 2g fat and 490 calories. This is a fairly balanced ratio, perfect for fuelling growth without excessive fat gain. Most people can get away with two or three Supersize shakes per day, especially if you’re a hardgainer. But as always, start with one and see how you do. Take it post-workout for best results.

Why we like Max’s Supersize

  • Good ratio of around 2:1 carbs to protein
  • Simple ingredients
  • Added vitamins and minerals


While there aren’t many changes in the new Max’s Supersize from the original product, to be honest, there didn’t need to be many. With 34g protein and 78g carbs per 120g serve, Max’s Supersize is ideal for anyone struggling to gain weight, and can be used multiple times daily to help you build size, strength and power.

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