MRI NO2 Red Hemo Surge Review

MRI NO2 Red Hemo Surge Review

MRI NO2 Red Hemo Surge Review

MRI has recently released a handful of new and exciting products to their impressive range, and now boast at least four nitric oxide products designed to promote exceptional workout performance and insane muscle pumps.

The latest to arrive is NO2 Red Hemo Surge, which is a concentrated arginine-based preworkout powder that MRI promises will deliver 1250% more nitric oxide. This is a pretty extravagant claim, but let's look at the ingredients and see what NO2 Red can offer.

Key Ingredients

  • Advanced 5x NO Booster Blend - This blend is a five ingredient mix designed to promote increased bloodflow to muscles through the production of nitric oxide. This is done by using arginine - an amino acid which has been shown to be a key precursor to nitric oxide. The five ingredient NO blend includes four different forms of arginine, as well as ACTINOS - a patented hydrolysed whey protein nitric oxide activator which is featured in many MRI supplements.
  • MyoCarn Power Complex - This blend includes a number of ingredients designed to promote power, strength, endurance and recovery. These include beta-alanine, citrulline malate, carnitine and glutamine.
  • Energy Booster - A simple, yet effective combination of glucuronolactone, taurine and caffeine, the energy blend in MRI NO2 Red Hemo Surge is probably not going to be as strong as those found in other concentrated pre-workouts, but will definitely promote energy production.

Flavours & Sizes

NO2 Hemo Surge comes in a 240g container which is 20 servings, and in a Berry Blizzard flavour.


It's difficult to properly review the dosage of a product like this when all the ingredients are listed in a proprietary blend. All the active ingredients are part of a 7.1g blend, which means that some ingredients will certainly be at the right dose, with others a little bit under. Knowing MRI, this will have more than enough of the energy blend to give you a good kick.


Most preworkouts come in at around $2-$3 per serve, which is exactly where MRI NO2 Red Hemo Surge sits. With 20 serves in each container, a container should last most people a month, which makes it pretty standard value.


Without knowing where the fantastic ‘1250% more nitric oxide' claims come from, I can still recommend NO2 Red Hemo Surge as a solid pre workout. It focuses on arginine, which is the precursor to nitric oxide, meaning that you should definitely see some good muscle pumps when using the product. With the combination of the energy and power blends, it's a good all-round pre workout supplement, and certainly worth a try.

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