MRI NO2 Ripcuts Review

MRI NO2 Ripcuts Review

MRI NO2 Ripcuts Review

MRI not only offers one of the world's most popular pre-workout supplements - Black Powder, but also some of the most advanced fat burners, post-workout and endurance supplements on the market.

NO2 Ripcuts is a hybrid preworkout and fat burner supplement, utilising a powerful blend of ingredients to support nitric oxide, energy and power production. Packaged in individual sachets, NO2 Ripcuts is portable and convenient, and happens to be one of the more powerful pump and thermogenic supplements out there.

Key Ingredients

  • Cellular Fat Burn Blend - This blend targets fat reduction by ‘oxidation, transport and incineration'. Caffeine and green tea are the main fat burning components in NO2 Ripcuts, allowing body fat to be utilised for energy. An arginine blend with protein fractions CFM Nitro-P allows for the transport of fat cells through increased bloodflow, while carnitine also supports this.
  • Lean Muscle Activation Blend - Lean muscle growth is supported mainly through two ingredients - leucine and Tex-OE. Leucine is now a well-known supplement essential for muscle growth, and arguably the most important branched chain amino acid. Leucine helps protein to synthesize within the body and triggers muscle growth. Tex-OE is much less popular, and is a patented version of prickly pear extract. Tex-OE is primarily used to reduce muscle breakdown by buffering the body's protection against shock and damage (such as that caused by exercise).
  • Rapid Energy Activator Blend - The ingredients in this energy blend are fairly common - taurine, Rhodiola, glucoronolactone and PEA. The combination of these ingredients supports mental and physical vitality.

Flavours & Sizes

MRI NO2 Ripcuts is available in a 20-sachet package, and in Grape Velocity and Orange Ripcurl flavours.


The active blend in Ripcuts is 8.74g, which is somewhere between a regular and a concentrated preworkout. With no beta-alanine and creatine, the required dosage for a product like this is much lower, so an 8.74g serve might contain a decent amount of each of the ingredients (especially with a number of extracts in the blend). One sachet is enough for one workout.


For the ability to stimulate NO and to burn body fat, and at around $2 a serve, NO2 Ripcuts is great value. Although it's not a full preworkout or a full fat burner, it's a good blend of ingredients that ensure you can (at least to some degree) do both.


For its ability to enhance fat loss, to increase energy and to help produce nitric oxide, MRI NO2 Ripcuts is a good 2-in-1 supplement. It's fairly inexpensive, and while it's not the best standalone pre workout or thermogenic, if you can only get one supplement, this is the one to go for.

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