MRI Red Crea7ine Review

MRI Red Crea7ine Review

MRI Red Crea7ine Review

MRI is known for its excellent range of nitric oxide and creatine products, and is the go-to supplement company for many serious bodybuilders and athletes.

MRI Red Crea7ine is the latest creatine product to hit the shelves, and is a potent combination of seven different creatine forms as well as eight amino acids to nourish muscles, promote growth, assist recovery and boost strength and size.

Key Ingredients

  • Ultimate Creatine Anaboliser - This blend is comprised of seven distinct creatines, each with their own benefits to the user. As well as creatine monohydrate (the most popular and most researched form of creatine), Red Crea7ine features creatine hydrochloride (the main ingredient in Con-Cret), creatine gluconate (creatine bonded with glucose), creatine deconoate, creatine anhydrous, magnesium creatine and creatine ethyl ester HCl. What you get from this blend of seven creatine forms is superior digestion, absorption and performance.

  • Amino Acid Shield - MRI Red Crea7ine also contains a blend of eight different amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, what's used to help repair and grow muscle, and are essential for muscle growth and preventing muscle breakdown. Red Crea7ine contains a blend of amino acids, including the branched chain amino acids which are the three key aminos which stimulate muscle growth and recovery. Also in this blend is beta-alanine and taurine, which have been shown to boost muscle performance, energy levels and endurance.

Flavours & Sizes

MRI Red Crea7ine is available in one size and flavour: Fruit Punch, 500g (25 serves).


Each 20g serve of MRI Red Crea7ine contains a 9.7g blend of creatines and amino acids. This is fairly good, especially considering that some of the creatine forms (such as creatine HCl) aren't required in large doses. Although we don't know the exact amounts of the creatines and the aminos, assuming it's 5 grams of each, that's a pretty good dose of ingredients. One scoop per day is enough for anyone.


At around $2 per serve, Red Crea7ine is about average for a comparable creatine product (such as Muscletech Creacore or Beast Creature Powder). It does have one of the better creatine blends, and a good amino acid boost too, which increases the value.


Definitely one of the better advanced creatine formulas on the market, MRI Red Crea7ine is soon to be one of the most popular. Give it a try if you're looking to go one step further than the average creatine monohydrate, or if you want a post-workout creatine without the carbs.

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