Musashi Muscle Defence Review

Musashi Muscle Defence Review

Musashi Muscle Defence Review

Musashi, one of Australia's leading supplement brands, has recently reformulated some of its' popular protein supplements and repackaged them into new and exciting products.

Muscle Defence is the updated version of the popular Hybrid 92, and is designed to provide immediate and sustained amino acids in a high protein, low carb and low fat protein powder. It features a blend of protein sources fortified with extra amino acids to promote muscle growth, recovery and protection.

Key Ingredients

  • Protein - Musashi Muscle Defence contains 84-86% protein (depending on the flavour), which is extremely good for a straight protein powder. It utilises three protein sources: whey protein isolate, calcium caseinate and hydrolysed whey protein isolate which each digest at different rates. The isolate proteins are fairly quick to absorb into the bloodstream (within 1-2 hours), while the calcium caseinate takes much longer to digest, feeding amino acids into the muscles continuously.

  • Amino Acid Blend - Muscle Defence also contains added Essential Amino Acids, which are even quicker to absorb than hydrolysed whey protein. These enter your bloodstream within minutes of taking them and immediately begin repairing and growing muscle.

Flavours & Sizes

Musashi Muscle Defence is available in a 1.9kg and 900g container, providing 63 and 30 serves respectively. You can get Muscle Defence in Chocolate or Vanilla flavours.


Each 30g serve of Muscle Defence provides 25g of protein, which is above average. By utilising excellent sources of protein such as whey isolate, the body is able to utilise more of a product, meaning you won't need to take as much to get the same results as, say a whey concentrate product. 25g of protein is a fair amount for most people, so I'd suggest one scoop for most people, or two scoops for extremely intense training, or if your bodyweight is 100kg or more.


Muscle Defence is a fairly well-priced protein supplement, at under $1.50 per serve for the large size. This is on par with most whey proteins, but without whey concentrate in the mix it's probably a little better value.


Musashi Muscle Defence isn't very different from its predecessor Hybrid 92. That's a sign that people have enjoyed the formula and don't want it to change. With 25g of protein per 30g serve, and with a blend of whey isolates, casein and added amino acids, at a decent price, we're glad it hasn't changed.

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