Musashi Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula Review

Musashi Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula Review

Musashi Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula Review

Musashi’s line of supplements is possibly the most extensive of any sports supplement brand in Australia, and certainly one of the broadest in the world. It comprises a full range of protein powders, amino acids, bars, capsules and every other sports nutrition category, making Musashi one of the best-known supplement brands in the world.

Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula by Musashi is a precise blend of the three key amino acids – the branched chain amino acids, in a 5:2:3 ratio. Designed to be used during or immediately after strenuous exercise, Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula will help to reduce soreness, boost recovery and assist lean muscle growth. With a very simple ingredient blend, Musashi’s new Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula is an easy way to boost your amino acid intake.

Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula Key Ingredients

  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) – The only active ingredients in Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula are the three BCAA’s – leucine, isoleucine and valine. These three amino acids are not only essential (meaning that the body cannot produce them on its’ own), but they are key for a laundry list of functions within the body. This is particularly true for athletes, whose muscles require a far higher level of support from amino acids than the average person.

Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula Flavours & Sizes

Musashi Muscle Recovery comes in a 250g container, in Tropical flavour.

Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula Dosage

Each serve of Muscle Recovery is 5.8g, of which 5g are the BCAA’s. They are dosed as follows – leucine 2.5g, valine 1.5g and isoleucine 1g. This makes Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula a 5:2:3 ratio, which is one we haven’t seen before. Nonetheless, there’s a good dose of leucine in there to support muscle growth and mTOR signalling. Take on serve immediately post-workout as per Musashi’s recommendations, or if you really want to optimise your recovery and muscle growth, take one serve before and one serve immediately after your workout.

Why we like Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula

  • Simple, effective formula
  • Very little flavours or sweeteners
  • Easy to stack with other supplements


Branched Chain Amino Acids are vital to proper recovery, growth and function of muscles, and Musashi’s Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula is a great option for anyone looking to optimise their BCAA intake. With a 5:2:3 ratio and in a pleasant Tropical flavour, Muscle Recovery BCAA Formula is one of those staple ingredients that should be a part of most athlete’s supplement arsenals.

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