Musashi Supplements Review


Musashi is an Australian supplement brand, with 25 years of experience in the fitness and nutrition industry. Musashi's products represent the cutting edge in performance nutrition, with popular products such as Reactivate Hardcore, and Bulk Mass Gain. Musashi is ever expanding its' product range to continue to meet the needs and expectations of consumers. Not only does Musashi provide a range of protein powders for athletes or recreational trainers to fully maximise their potential, but Musashi have an entire supplement range. Their products range from proteins to pre workouts to amino acids, to creatines, intra workout supplements, bars, drinks and fat burners. Here is a snapshot of some of Musashi's most popular products, and a few words about them.

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Musashi Bulk Mass Gain

One of the staple weight gainer protein powders available on the market, Bulk Mass Gain is a 50/50 protein/carb ratio ideal for weight gain without promoting fat gain. Musashi Bulk is a perfect product to be taken around workouts, as the nutrients will help rebuild and replenish muscles damaged during training.

Musashi Bulk Advanced Muscle Formula

Building upon the success of the original Bulk Mass Gain, Bulk Advanced is a leaner formulation, designed to assist those looking to put on lean muscle without the carbohydrates that will possibly be stored as bodyfat. Bulk Advanced is fortified with glutamine and extra amino acids to stimulate muscle growth and assist fast repair of damaged muscles.

Other Musashi Protein Powder

Aside from the Bulk range, Musashi have a great range of protein powders, from whey proteins to protein blends. One of the most pure whey protein isolate products on the market is Musashi ISO8, which almost 90% protein by weight! This is a perfect powder for pre and post workout, as your muscles are delivered the nutrients they require in as little time as possible. The other benefit of the ISO8 is that at such high protein percentage, you will not need multiple scoops to get an effective amount of protein per serve.

Musashi's EVD is primarily made up of whey protein concentrate - a highly bioavailable protein source which is perfect for anytime of the day, including as a meal replacement or pre or post workout.

Musashi Hybrid 92 is a great protein blend which, again, is perfect for multiple uses per day. The addition of casein protein slows down the absorption rate, meaning that you will get the fast action of the whey protein with the consistent ‘trickle feed' of casein. This is great for nighttime use also!

Musashi Growling Dog Creatine

Musashi Growling Dog Creatine is a great pure creatine product, with the additional benefits of 5% added fructose. Whilst ordinary creatine monohydrate provides a number of advantages to someone looking to boost athletic performance and strength gains, the addition of fructose means that the creatine uptake is enhanced and more of it gets stored in the muscle, where it's needed! Growling Dog Creatine comes in both 500g and 1kg sizes, which provides a massive 100-200 serves per tub! This provides excellent value as well as amazing athletic benefits.

Musashi Protein Bars and Musashi Protein Drinks

Musashi's range of supplements does not only come in powder and capsule form. A great alternative to taking your protein in powder form, or even a great alternative to an unhealthy snack such as a chocolate bar, Musashi's range of protein bars has something for everyone. For those looking to put on size and strength, the Bulk Mass Gain protein bars provide 27g of protein and 10g of carbs per serve, from a variety of sources - perfect between meals or around your workouts! For those looking for a really big protein hit, especially those replacing an entire meal, the P40 bars provide a massive 40g of blended protein per serve. The Musashi P20 and P10 bars provide 20g and 10g of protein per serve, perfect for those looking to snack between meals, while the SLM Lo-Carb bars are perfect for ladies on the go.

Musashi's range of protein drinks is also perfect for those looking to get a quick protein fix whilst on the go. Tasting great chilled or at room temperature, the ready to drink options from Musashi can be taken anywhere and consumed quickly, without the need to bring liquid and mix powders, which can get quite messy. Once again, Musashi caters to everyone, with a range of ready mixed protein drinks to assist bulking, lean muscle gain or between meal snacking.

While this is definitely not an exhaustive list of the great range of products Musashi provides, it certainly gives an insight into the type of products created for athletes, and the benefits they can offer. If you are looking for whey protein, pre workouts, creatine, snacks or any other sports nutrition products, Musashi supplements have it covered!