MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cre3 Review

MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cre3 Review

MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cre3 Review

The MusclePharm Arnold Series supplement line is one of the most anticipated supplement releases of all-time, and features high quality bodybuilding supplements designed by the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Austrian Oak is a multiple Mr Olympia winner and bodybuilding icon, and his supplements uphold his values of strength, power, determination and focus. These products are landing in Australia soon!

The MusclePharm Arnold Series certainly has to feature a creatine supplement, which is in the form of Iron Cre3. This is a basic but unique blend featuring creatine nitrate as the primary ingredient - one of the newest and most exciting creatine forms out there. Iron Cre3 has been developed to maximise strength, power and recovery ability - all goals of a good creatine supplement.

Iron Cre3 Key Ingredients

  • Creatine Nitrate - Iron Cre3 features creatine nitrate as the main ingredient, which is created by bonding a creatine molecule with a nitrate molecule. This increases the water solubility of the creatine, preventing the main issue with monohydrate and other creatine forms - the sediment not dissolving in your shake and being left in your shaker. Creatine nitrate also provides the benefits of nitrates (such as those found in beetroot), which are increased bloodflow, nitric oxide levels and muscle fullness.
  • Hydrafuel Matrix - This blend includes three ingredients - taurine, coconut water powder and glutamine - designed to promote hydration and recovery.

Iron Cre3 Flavours & Sizes

Arnold Series Iron Cre3 is available in a 127g container (30 serves), in Blue Razz and Fruit Punch flavours.

Iron Cre3 Dosage

Each serve of Iron Cre3 provides 1g of creatine nitrate (which is the generally-accepted dose) as well as 800mg of the Hydrafuel Matrix and 500mg of vitamin C. You won't need to take more than one serving at a time, and any more than that might actually have a negative impact. Recommended serving size for Iron Cre3 is one scoop before and one scoop after your workout.

Why we like Arnold Series Iron Cre3

  • Provides the benefits of both creatine and nitrates
  • Easily mixable
  • Good support ingredients


MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Cre3 is not a regular creatine supplement, but instead is a blend of ingredients that support muscle growth, strength, pumps and recovery. Creatine nitrate is an exciting and under-utilised ingredient which features in Iron Cre3, and will no doubt be a popular creatine supplement when it finally arrives in Australia!

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