Musclepharm Assault Review

Musclepharm Assault Pre Workout Supplement

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Quickly becoming one of the most sought after brands in the supplement world, MusclePharm has stuck with the ‘full dosage' pre-workout powder, with their best selling Assault.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Anti-Fatigue Blend - with beta-alanine and citrulline malate
  • Strength Domination & Recovery Matrix - containing creatine monohydrate and Con-Cret
  • High Performance & Energy Blend - containing taurine, caffeine, l-tyrosine and white tea leaf powder

Taste & Mixability
Musclepharm Assault is available in five fruit-based flavours. All are quite sweet (depending on how much water is used), and mix really well. Orange mango is really tasty!

At the serving size of 23g, you should definitely feel MP Assault working. With so many ingredients though, you are probably better off going for the full serve of 46g to get the maximum benefit from the range of ingredients.

There are 32 x 23g servings in each tub of Muscle Pharm Assault, which is enough for more than a month. Even at double the serving size, it should last a few weeks, and at just $49.95 at Protein King, MusclePharm Assault delivers a host of benefits at a great price.

Final Word
One of the better ingredient lists of any pre workout on the market is contained in MusclePharm Assault. Being ‘banned substance free', it is safe for all competing athletes to use, and is sure to boost energy levels, enhance recovery, delay fatigue and assist lean muscle growth.

Yours in Health,

Protein King

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