Muscletech Creacore Review

Muscletech Creacore Review

Muscletech Creacore Review

For all the new supplement companies coming out with the latest and greatest products, Muscletech continues to remain a steady force in the sports nutrition industry, leading the way with consumer popularity, product development and worldwide visibility.

Creacore is part of Muscletech's concentrated series, along with Myobuild, and is a blend of the super-concentrated creatine hydrochloride (HCl) and fenugreek, in a unique yet powerful supplement. Since Con-Cret hit the market, supplement companies have rushed to include creatine HCl in their products, and a large number of creatine products feature this micro-dose form.

Key Ingredients

  • Creatine HCl - Ever gaining in popularity, this form of creatine is super-concentrated, meaning that the absorption and uptake is superior to other forms of creatine such as monohydrate and ethyl-ester, requiring a lower dosage. Another reported upside of creatine HCl is that due to the micronising process, it absorbs in the stomach far better, and therefore leads to less gastrointestinal upset than regular creatine. Creatine is one of the most well-documented muscle and strength building supplements out there, with hundreds, if not thousands, of positive research studies proving its value.

  • Fenugreek - Generally used in testosterone boosters, fenugreek has a number of benefits, and has been shown in a 2011 study to be as effective as 70g of carbohydrates at improving strength and muscle growth when combined with creatine.

Flavours & Sizes

Creacore is available in a 293g container (80 serves), in Lemon Lime flavour.


The study relied on for the formulation of Muscletech Creacore used 3.5g of creatine and 900mg of fenugreek, which is the exact doses found in two scoops of Creacore. You'd be best off using this two scoop serving protocol to maximise your results.


With 80 serves per container, Creacore is well-priced at only 63 cents per serve. You'd want to take the full two-scoop serving size, so that cost per serve doubles to $1.25 per serve, providing 40 full serves in each container. Even at this price, it's very good.


For anyone wanting maximal creatine uptake but is concerned about ingesting post-workout carbohydrates, Muscletech Creacore is the solution. With a potent combination of creatine and fenugreek, you can get the same results as a creatine plus carbohydrate mixture without any of the carbs. At a good price, and with research backing up its claims, Muscletech Creacore is a solid creatine product and the perfect low-carb post-workout creatine supplement.

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