Muscletech Hydroxystim Review

Muscletech Hydroxystim Thermo Stimulant

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Muscletech Hydroxystim is a super-concentrated thermogenic product, utilising just a few key ingredients to assist your weight-loss and energy boosting needs.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Caffeine - a staple of all fat burners and pre workouts, caffeine is one of the most clinically-supported ingredients on the market. Muscletech Hydroxystim contains 100mg of caffeine per capsule, approximately equivalent to a cup of coffee.
  • Bacopa - a fairly rare ingredient in fat burning and energy products, this ingredient has several studies backing its' ability to improve cognitive function, memory retention and focus.

With 100mg of caffeine and 176mg of geranium per capsule, Muscletech Hydroxystim is an extremely potent product. It can be taken pre-workout for an energy boost, or anytime before cardio for increased fat-loss. The full serving size is 3 capsules, which should give anyone a big kick.

Available in 18, 110 and 200 capsules per bottle, there is a size that suits anyone's budget. At the recommended dosage of one pill per day, the larger size will last longer than six months. Protein King heavily discounts their Muscletech Hydroxystim!

Final Word
A no-nonsense fat burner and energy booster, with minimal ingredients providing maximal strength, Muscletech Hydroxystim is a good addition to anyone's supplement arsenal.

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Protein King

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