My Journey So Far - Part 1

My Journey So Far - Kristyn Schultz Protein King Sponsored Athlete

My Journey So Far - Part 1

As a follow up to my introduction video last week, I thought it would be a good idea to base my first few articles on my fitness journey so far. I have decided to break up my story into 3 articles so I will keep you all updated on when the next part is posted. Regardless of how far along your journey you are, I’m hoping that you might be able to relate to some aspects of my life and hopefully find some connection.

When I finished high school in 2008, I was by no means fat but I did very little exercise. That’s a lie, I did absolutely no exercise, unless you count drunk dancing and falling down stairs as exercise, in which case I lived a very active lifestyle. All I cared about was going out with my best friend, getting drunk on cheap shots and dancing on tables until the wee hours of the morning. I’m not even kidding when I say that I did this at least 4 times a week for almost 3 years. I would get so drunk that I would end the night with my head over the toilet and wake up the next morning with barely any memory of the night before (although I did always remember the trip to the BP up the road from my house and spending the last bit of money I had on pies and chocolates). I’d eat breakfast, nap, eat lunch, start drinking, get ready and do it all over again. To this day, I have no idea how I didn’t end up completely overweight but clearly in my drunken state, I must have danced (and fallen over) enough to burn off all those calories.

I refused to accept that my lifestyle was unhealthy and honestly it did take me a while to realize that it was but unfortunately by that stage, the damage had been done. In April 2011, I moved from South Africa to Australia. I was lonely and miserable and refused to even try to make an effort to make friends. I felt bad so I ate bad to make myself feel better and it soon became a vicious cycle.

Fast forward to July 2013 and I was probably at the most unhealthy point of my entire life. I got into a really bad habit of eating take out probably close to 4 times a week, I did absolutely no exercise and to top it off, I went through a pretty bad breakup. I had heard whispers from people back in South Africa about how they thought I was picking up weight and knowing that I had a trip planned for September, I was determined to drop all the weight. Fast. I got myself an amazing personal trainer and started training with him a few times a week. I cleaned up my diet and started eating so much healthier than I had before. I didn’t count my macros or worry about how much of what I was putting into my body, I just ate foods that I thought were good for me. I ended up losing quite a bit of weight before my trip back home and started feeling so much better about myself. When I got back in October, I carried on with my personal trainer and continued eating healthy, but started eating bad foods a bit more frequently because I would tell myself that I would start getting skinny again “tomorrow” or “next week”. I didn’t put the weight back on but I definitely slowed the progress down.

A few months later, I found a photo while stalking my fav fitspo accounts on Instagram of a girl standing in a sports bra and yoga pants and I remember looking at her, her flat, defined stomach and her amazing muscles and I started re-thinking my “dream body”. I took it to my PT and told him that’s exactly what I want and to this day I remember exactly what he said to me. He said: “You can achieve this, I have no doubt in my mind. Getting a body like that, nutrition plays a very important part, lifting heavy is crucial; you will be bordering bodybuilding territory. It will be difficult and it will hurt but it can be done”. That literally changed my life. I no longer wanted to be skinny. I wanted to be fit.

[Part 2 coming next week]

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