My Top 5 Pre Workout Snacks / Meals


My Top 5 Pre Workout Snacks / Meals

My Top 5 Pre Workout Snacks / Meals

The most important part of every workout is preparing your body with enough energy to push you through your session.When looking for an ideal meal or snack its best to choose a very fast digesting Carbohydrate source quite high on the GI level.

Aim for something low in fat and moderate in fibre to allow a faster digestion. Each person will vary and some will even train fasted. I recommend looking at the below list of 5 different ideas that have worked great for me over the years.

1) Bananas - Nature's very own Powerbar! Packed with nutrients and very fast digesting, a banana or even 2 will give you a great energy boost before your workout!
Not enough? Mix a scoop of Chocolate protein powder into a bowl with a little water until its thick, then dip the banana in that. Makes for a great tasty pre workout meal.

2) Greek Yoghurt and Mixed Berries - Greek Yoghurt being very low in fat and quite high in protein sits as one of the best pre workout meals out there. Throw in 100g of frozen mixed berries and it's almost like Ice Cream. Packed with great Calcium in the Yoghurt and amazing antioxidants in the berries, a nice large cup of the 2 mixed together will help fuel those heavy sessions.

3) Oats and Dried Fruit - Looking for something warmer? Why not try a nice hot bowl of oatmeal mixed with a nice handful of dried mixed fruit. Oats being a great Carb source mixed with the fast digesting dried fruit, the 2 make an amazing tasting combo that I also enjoy post workout with a scoop of vanilla whey in there.

4) Chicken and Potatoes - You cannot look past the good old school bodybuilding meal! One of my go-to meals on a daily basis and one of my most favourite pre workout meals. Packed with Protein and Carbs this great combination mixed together with some chilli's get my system revved up for a big session.

5) Cereal and Almond Milk - Another of my personal favourites before the gym is Cereal. My favourite cereal being Special K and Just Right mixed with a glass of Almond Milk gives me the spike I need before the gym. Very high in Carbs but also low in fat and a great wholegrain source, these cereals with get anyone's motor started!

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