Nutrabolics Supernova Review

Nutrabolics Supernova Review

Nutrabolics Supernova Review

While the Nutrabolics brand is known all over the sports nutrition world as ‘the brand in black’, the Nutrabolics Next Gen series boasts an entirely new design, featuring stand-out yellow and black packaging. Not only are the designs refreshed, but so are the formulations, with several updates to fan favourites like Mass Fusion, Thermal XTC and Anabolic State coming soon.

Nutrabolics Supernova is the first new product to be featured in the Next Gen series, being a completely new and fully-dosed pre-workout supplement. With the popularity of recent fully-dosed products such as Pre JYM and Nutrex Outlift, Supernova continues that trend with a hefty 14.4g serving size and some research-valid ingredient doses.

Nutrabolics Supernova Key Ingredients

  • Citrulline Malate – You often see citrulline malate on the label of pre-workouts nowadays, but not at the 6000mg dose. This is one of the best doses we’ve seen thus far, on par with Pre JYM and far exceeding most other pre-training supplements. Citrulline malate (especially at this dose!) is ideal for boosting bloodflow and nitric oxide levels, giving you that pump that we all work out for.
  • Beta-Alanine – We don’t need to go into great detail about the benefits of beta-alanine, but again we’re getting this important ingredient at the fully-dosed amount of 1600mg. Hello, stamina.
  • Betaine – Another excellent pre-workout ingredient, betaine comes in at the full dose of 1500mg, helping to improve strength, power and endurance.
  • Theobromine – One of the key ingredients in chocolate, theobromine is an excellent addition to any sports supplement, if not for performance then just for overall health. Research has shown a huge list of benefits from supplementing with cocoa extract, including insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, blood flow and fat oxidation.
  • Huperzine – We’ve seen the majority of new pre-workouts now including focus and cognitive enhancers, and Supernova is no different. Huperzine is one of the best-known cognitive enhancers out there, and with a quick uptake time, you should notice the focus effects rapidly after taking Supernova.

Nutrabolics Supernova Flavours & Sizes

Supernova comes in a 288g (20 serving) tub, in Fruit Punch, Iced Raspberry, Peach Mango and Pineapple flavours.

Nutrabolics Supernova Dosage

Each 14.4g dose of Supernova delivers nine active ingredients, all of which are included at excellent doses. These are citrulline malate at 6000mg, beta-alanine at 1600mg, betaine at 1500mg, dendrobium at 600mg, theobromine 300mg, caffeine 200mg, bitter orange 100mg, theanine 100mg and huperzine 150mcg. One full scoop is all that most of us will need to get the full effects from Supernova, meaning that although only a 20-serve tub, each should last you a full month.

Why we like Nutrabolics Supernova

  • Fully-dosed ingredients
  • Pump, focus, energy and stamina ingredients
  • Transparent ingredient label

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of fully-dosed pre-workouts, and Nutrabolics Supernova is one of only a few on the market currently. It delivers full clinically-valid doses of several ingredients, all of which work synergistically to help you produce your optimum power, strength, pump, focus and ultimately performance on the sporting field or in the gym.

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