Nutrex Amino Drive Black Review

Nutrex Amino Drive Review

Nutrex Amino Drive Black Review

Nutrex has been a steady force in the supplement industry for many years, releasing many popular products such as Lipo-6, Lipo-6X and now Lipo-6 His and Hers. Although the DMAA ban did blunt their popularity for a short time, re-releasing their products without the banned substance has caused another spike in Nutrex’s popularity.

Amino Drive Black is the intra-workout supplement in the Nutrex Black series designed to help you load up on the key amino acids for growth, performance and recovery. With an intelligent blend of amino acids as well as key electrolytes, Amino Drive Black delivers a significant level of support to those who push themselves in the gym.

Nutrex Amino Drive Black Key Ingredients

  • BCAAs – Amino Drive delivers the three branched chain amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine in a 2:1:1 ratio. This ratio is the most-studied in research, and has been shown to increase lean muscle mass, boost recovery and decrease muscle soreness.
  • Glutamine, Taurine, Creatine – These three important amino acids are commonly seen in intra and pre-workout supplements, and have enormous value to anyone pushing their muscles to the limit. The combination of these aminos will help you to recover quicker, push more weight, boost focus and concentration, maximise muscle size and boost your immune function.
  • Electrolytes – To further enhance training performance, Amino Drive Black includes a comprehensive electrolyte blend, including calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, chloride, sodium and potassium.

Nutrex Amino Drive Black Flavours & Sizes

Amino Drive Black comes in a 30-serve container, in Malicious Melon, Bruisin Berry and Gashin Grape flavours.

Nutrex Amino Drive Black Dosage

Each serve of Amino Drive Black is approx. 14g, which delivers 6g of BCAA’s, 1500mg glutamine, 1000mg creatine, 1000mg taurine and 1370mg of electrolytes. At this level, most people will only need one scoop per workout to get maximum results, or two scoops if they’re training for far longer periods of time or at maximum intensity.

Why we like Nutrex Amino Drive Black

  • Over 11g active ingredients per scoop
  • Comprehensive electrolyte blend
  • BCAA’s, glutamine, taurine and creatine for superior results


Nutrex’s Black series is far stronger thanks to the release of Amino Drive – an intra-workout supplement that delivers not only a valid dose of 2:1:1 BCAA’s, but several other effective ingredients. Amino Drive can be used by anyone looking to maximise their training volume, their recovery or their performance on the field or in the gym.

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