Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels Review

Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels Review

Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels Review

Known as one of the most popular manufacturers of nutritional supplements in the world, Optimum Nutrition prides itself on producing high-quality, yet affordable products so that everyone can maintain a healthy lifestyle.  They are committed to only using premium raw materials, as well as closely monitoring the entire production process to ensure only first-rate supplements are delivered to customers. Currently ON products are available in over 70 countries. Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels are just one product in Optimum Nutrition’s extensive line of nutritional supplements. 

​CLA stands for conjugated linoleic acid, a group of fatty acids found in small amounts in red meat, dairy products, and eggs. CLA fats offer powerful results for individuals looking to gain muscle and lose fat, but only in amounts that are almost impossible to consume from diet alone. Essentially, Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels fight fat with fat and achieve fabulous results. ON has created an effect, well dosed CLA supplement in a small, easily digested softgel. 

Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels Key Ingredients

  •  CLA – Conjugated linoleic acid is one of the most beneficial fats we can take as humans, and although it is technically a trans-fat, it is naturally-occurring and healthy. CLA is found primarily in meat and milk from grass-fed animals (particularly cows), and has a wide range of benefits, including boosting muscle mass and reducing body fat. 

Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels Flavours and Sizes

​Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels is available in bottles containing 90 or 180 softgels.  Each softgel contains 750 mg of total conjugated linoleic acid.

Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels Dosages

According to the directions, it’s recommended that you take one Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgel one to three times a day with water or another beverage of your choice. This delivers 750mg-2250mg of CLA, and the upper limit of this is what most of the research shows is a beneficial dose. For that reason, we’d recommend three softgel caps daily.

Why we like Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels

  • Convenient way to get effective doses of CLA daily
  • Beneficial for fat loss and muscle gain
  • Each capsule contains the equivalent CLA of 2.5kg of beef  


​Optimum Nutrition CLA Softgels is a nutritional supplement that has demonstrated the ability to reduce body fat and enhance overall body composition. As part of a well-formed diet and training program, Optimum CLA Softgels can help you take the next step in your fat loss goals.

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