Protein Kings Best Protein Powder 2015

Protein King Best Protein Powder 2015

Protein King’s Best Protein Powder 2015

We can’t believe 2015 is already upon us, so what better way to bring in the new year then by picking our top supplements for the upcoming twelve months. Based on everything we can think of, including taste, value, ingredients, packaging and other criteria, we’ve selected the best supplements in each category to give you, our loyal customers, the ease of choice when it comes to stocking up on muscle builders, fat burners and everything else.

Our 2015 list includes Best Protein Powder, Best Fat Burner, Best Test Booster, Best Amino Acid Supplement, Best Protein Bar, Best Fat-Burning Protein, Best Joint Support Supplement, Best Weight Gainer, Best Shaker Bottle and Best Overall Brand. Let’s get started…

Best Protein Powder 2015

With a whole selection of new protein powders on our shelves in 2014, the new year is going to be fiercely contested for the best protein powder on our shelves. With around 120 brands in stock at Protein King, and with the majority of those offering at least one protein powder (some, like Optimum Nutrition, have nine!), our choice has been tough. For protein powders, we’re looking for a few things – firstly, we want a great-tasting product that’s high in protein. It has to have a good flavour range, have great value for money, and the ingredients can’t leave us in any doubt about the quality of the product – no amino-spiking allowed! All prices are based on our current Protein King prices (at the time of publishing this article), and are based on the largest available product size. So, with all that in mind, here are our choices for the Best Protein Powder 2015:

Runners up:

Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey Protein

Protein Percentage: 75.8%
Flavour Range: Six flavours
Value for Money: $2.08/30g of actual protein
Taste: Excellent

Cellucor’s Cor-Performance Whey has won all sorts of supplement awards around the world, and deservingly gets on our Best Protein Powder 2015 list. These are some of the best flavours we’ve tried, including unique ones like Peanut Butter Marshmallow and Cinnamon Swirl. With around 76% protein, it’s around the middle in terms of protein percentage. The one let-down we have is the price – it’s the only one on the list that’ll cost you over $2 per 30g of protein. While that’s not a terrible price, it’s just enough to put Cor-Performance Whey into the runner-up category.

Universal Ultra Whey Pro

Protein Percentage: 73.3%
Flavour Range: Six flavours
Value for Money: $1.12/30g of actual protein
Taste: Very Good

Probably the most underrated supplement on this list, Universal Ultra Whey Pro offers the best value of any protein supplement on our Best Protein Powder 2015 list, and is an excellent contender. With a little lower protein percentage, you’ll need a little more in each serve to get the same amount of protein as the others on this list, although even considering the lower protein percentage, it comes in at incredible value for money – just $1.12 per 30g of actual protein.

Max’s SuperWhey

Protein Percentage: 79.1%
Flavour Range: Two flavours
Value for Money: $1.39/30g of actual protein
Taste: Very Good

Max’s SuperWhey has always been a favourite of ours, with a clean ingredient list, and an excellent protein percentage. The value for money aspect has decreased since Max’s did away with the 4kg and 8kg sizes, making it about average for value on this list. With the smallest flavour range on this list, SuperWhey has to fill a spot in the runners-up category, although it’s still an excellent product.

International Protein Superior Whey

Protein Percentage: 78.0%
Flavour Range: Five flavours
Value for Money: $1.31/30g of actual protein
Taste: Very Good

Very closely fought, International Protein Superior Whey just loses out in our Best Protein Powder 2015 race. It offers an excellent protein percentage, the second-best value for money on the list, five great flavours, and one of the cleanest ingredient lists as well. An excellent contender, and a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality protein powder.


Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey

Protein Percentage: 78.9%
Flavour Range: 16 flavours
Value for Money: $1.42/30g of actual protein
Taste: Very Good

Gold Standard Whey is a tough competitor because of its versatility in all categories. It offers a huge flavour range, most of them being excellent. It’s one of the highest in protein at nearly 79%, and comes in at a respectable $1.42/30g actual protein. With a range of sizes, and a super-clean ingredients panel, Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey takes out our 2015 Best Protein Powder!

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