Protein Kings Best Shaker Bottle 2015

Protein King’s Best Shaker Bottle 2015

Protein King’s Best Shaker Bottle 2015

We can’t believe 2015 is already upon us, so what better way to bring in the new year then by picking our top supplements for the upcoming twelve months. Based on everything we can think of, including taste, value, ingredients, packaging and other criteria, we’ve selected the best supplements in each category to give you, our loyal customers, the ease of choice when it comes to stocking up on muscle builders, fat burners and everything else.

Our 2015 list includes Best Protein Powder, Best Fat Burner, Best Test Booster, Best Amino Acid Supplement, Best Protein Bar, Best Fat-Burning Protein, Best Joint Support Supplement, Best Weight Gainer, Best Shaker Bottle and Best Overall Brand. Let’s get started…

Best Shaker Bottle 2015

Even we’re surprised to be ranking shaker bottles, but if you’re like us and have 20 shakers in your cupboard, then this list is definitely for you! With new shaker designs coming out every few weeks (or so it seems), our customers actually have quite a range to choose from, be they plain ‘blender bottle’ style shakers, or the fancier multi-compartment ones. We’re going to rank our Best Shaker Bottle 2015 based on a few criteria, including build quality, design, sizes & colours, and value for money. So, here is our list for Best Shaker Bottle 2015:

Runners up:

Blender Bottle SportMixer

Design: Excellent
Quality: Excellent
Colours & Sizes: 12 colours, 590mL/825mL size
Price: $13.95 (590mL) / $14.95 (825mL)

A hybrid sports bottle/supplement mixer bottle, the Blender Bottle SportMixer is an excellent product. It’s made from a patented Tritan plastic that’s BPA free, and exceptionally strong and durable. With a great colours and size selection, all at a very nice price (under $15), the SportMixer definitely had to feature on our Best Shaker Bottle 2015 list.

SmartShake Original Series

Design: Very Good
Quality: Excellent
Colours & Sizes: 8 colours, 600mL size
Price: $18.95

The SmartShake Original shaker bottle is the basis for so many company’s branded shaker bottles, due to the high quality design and materials used. With eight fluoro colours, BPA-free plastic, leak-proof technology and a whole bunch of compartments for keys, powders, pills and snacks, the SmartShake Original Series is a great shaker cup.

Mutant Shaker Cup Bottle

Design: Very Good
Quality: Very Good
Colours & Sizes: One colour, 700mL size
Price: $9.95

While the design is not ground-breaking like the SmartShake, for example, the Mutant Shaker cup is the cheapest and one of the coolest-looking shaker bottles we have. With that signature maroon and yellow Mutant colouring, and at under $10, it’s a high-quality head-turner.

SmartShake Signature Series

Design: Excellent
Quality: Excellent
Colours & Sizes: Four colours, 500mL/800mL size
Price: $19.95 (500mL) / $23.95 (800mL)

The SmartShake Signature Series boasts some of the coolest shaker bottles you’ll find anywhere, based on the colours and specs selected by some of the world’s best bodybuilders and physique athletes. With Adela Garcia, Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman versions, each Signature Series shaker offers the loads of features of the Original Series plus some eye-catching designs. If not for the slightly higher prices, this shaker would have easily taken out our top spot for Best Shaker Bottle 2015.


Blender Bottle ProStak

Design: Excellent
Quality: Excellent
Colours & Sizes: 14 colours, 500mL size
Price: $14.95

The Blender Bottle ProStak offers it all – colours, design, quality, storage and a competitive price. We can’t go past the ProStak as it is the perfect shaker for most occasions and most uses – it can store good amounts of powders, pills and little items, it’s leak-proof, BPA-free and comes in some great colours. It’s also one of the only shakers out there that can be expanded, thanks to the ProStak Expansion Pak. Our Best Shaker Bottle 2015 is Blender Bottle ProStak.

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