Quest Nutrition Add-Ons Announcement

Quest Nutrition Add Ons

Quest Nutrition ‘Add-Ons’ Announcement

It seems like every day there’s a new announcement from Quest Nutrition – a company that is growing at lightning-fast speed! Today we learned about the Quest Add-Ons line, with three new supplements to complement the Quest Bars, Quest Chips (coming soon) and Quest Protein Powder (also coming soon!). It looks like the Quest Add-Ons will take a while to make it down under, but that just gives us time to start working on our recipes for when we can get our hands on them!

Quest Nutrition Add-Ons Line

So far, we have information on three new products in the Add-On line – MCT Oil Powder, Brown Rice Powder and Coconut Oil Powder. These represent completely new lines in the supplement scene – again we’re seeing Quest focus on the clean eating and clean cooking mantras, and these three products are perfect for any recipe thanks to their powder forms. Previously, we’ve been hampered by the solid brown rice grains, or the liquid/solid forms of MCT and coconut oil in our ability to cook or to drink our nutrients. So this is exciting!

Quest Nutrition Add-Ons ETA

Unfortunately this is a brand-new announcement from Quest, meaning that it will be quite some time before we see the MCT Oil Power, Brown Rice Powder and Coconut Oil Powder on Australia shelves. As a rough guide, with the Quest Protein Powder arriving in March, 2015, these Add-Ons will take at least that long to arrive as well, so don’t hold your breath.

With the Quest brand expanding so quickly, we’ll almost guaranteed to have a new product announcement for you soon! Of course, we’ll update info as we get it on all the products we’re waiting for!

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