SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded Review

SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded Review

SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded Review

SAN is a prominent supplement company that has been helping athletes of all levels build muscle and burn fat since 1996. SAN’s products are backed by valid research that produces safe and powerful supplements and are manufactured under the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. The SAN name is one of the most respected in the supplement industry today as a result.

SAN has produced several BCAA products over the years, and their new BCAA Pro Reloaded is the latest. Featuring a 4:1:1 BCAA ratio, BCAA Pro Reloaded is a tablet-form branched-chain amino acid supplement that delivers 700mg of leucine per tablet, along with 350mg combined of isoleucine and valine. This 4:1:1 ratio is prominent in BCAA products – the power of leucine in building muscle and preventing catabolism has been spoken about for many years. With 1050mg BCAA’s per tablet, BCAA Pro Reloaded is extremely convenient – you could take it with you to work, or leave it in the car for a quick BCAA-hit whenever you can’t get a full meal.

SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded Key Ingredients

  • iBCAA Solv 4:1:1 Matrix – The BCAA’s used in BCAA Pro Reloaded are ‘iBCAA’s’ – a ‘hydrosoluble’ form of branched chain amino acids that are easy to absorb within the body. Leucine is included at four times the dose of isoleucine and valine – it is believed that leucine is the primary BCAA to stimulate muscle growth and prevent breakdown, thanks to the mTOR pathway.

SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded Flavours & Sizes

BCAA Pro Reloaded comes in a 90-tablet and 180-tablet bottle, which provides 90-180 single-tab servings.

SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded Dosage

Each tablet delivers 1050mg of the BCAA mix, which includes 700mg leucine, 175mg isoleucine and 175mg valine. With each serving at that 1.05g size, you can easily adjust it to your needs, whether you need a bigger dose pre/post-workout, or a few tablets throughout  the day to supplement your meals. A 90-tablet tub will last most people around a month – that’s about three tablets daily.

SAN BCAA Pro Reloaded Features

  • 4:1:1 BCAA ratio
  • Improved solubility
  • HPLC tested and certified

The Bottom Line

Another quality SAN BCAA supplement, BCAA Pro Reloaded is now available in Australia as one of only a few BCAA capsule products on the market. With a 4:1:1 BCAA ratio and 90 tablets per bottle, BCAA Pro Reloaded is a convenient and powerful amino acid supplement to help you get all the benefits of branched chain amino acids wherever and whenever you need them.

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