SAN L-Carnitine Liquid Review

SAN L-Carnitine Liquid

SAN L-Carnitine Liquid Review

SAN Nutrition was created by Matt Boldt, an amateur athlete with an engineering and science background, after he realized that the nutritional supplements he was regularly consuming only came in two options: tasty with minimal effectiveness or incredibly expensive with little effectiveness.  His goal was to create nutritional supplements that were reasonably priced, effective, tasted good, and assisted athletes in reaching their peak performance level without resorting to illegal substances.  Over the past seventeen years, SAN Nutrition has done just that and created a name for itself in the world of sports nutrition supplements. 

SAN L-Carnitine Liquid is a flavoured l-carnitine supplement that’s easy to add to any of your current supplements, or to take on its’ own – harnessing the energy-boosting and fat-burning effects of carnitine. SAN Carnitine Liquid uses Carnipure – the world’s most highly-regarded brand of carnitine in the mix – once again to assure loyal SAN users that they’re getting the highest quality raw ingredients in their supplements. With two flavours, and a naturally-sweetened and naturally-flavoured mix, SAN L-Carnitine Liquid is ideal for a whole range of diets.

SAN L-Carnitine Liquid Key Ingredients

  • Carnipure L-Carnitine – Carnipure is a brand of l-carnitine, as is probably the most famous one in the world. They guarantee the purity and quality of the l-carnitine they produce, and as a result many supplement manufacturers use only Carnipure branded carnitine in their supplements. Carnitine is an amino acid that has beneficial effects on body composition and performance – it assists the body with utilising stored body fat as energy, which results in a leaner physique. Athletes commonly use carnitine before performances – it has shown promise in boosting endurance, stamina and power.

SAN L-Carnitine Liquid Flavours & Sizes

SAN Liquid Carnitine comes in a 473mL bottle (32 serves), in Orange and Tropical Punch flavours.

SAN L-Carnitine Liquid Dosage

The recommended serving size of SAN Carnitine Liquid is one tablespoon, twice daily. This delivers 1g of carnitine per serve, as well as 4g carbs and 15 calories overall. We’d recommend taking this on an empty stomach or before training for best results.

SAN L-Carnitine Liquid Features

  • Carnipure carnitine
  • Naturally-flavoured and sweetened
  • Two delicious flavours

The Bottom Line

There are quite a few liquid carnitine products on the market, and SAN’s L-Carnitine Liquid is one of the better ones. We like the flavours and the natural ingredients, as well as the Carnipure carnitine, so if you’re looking for a quality carnitine liquid, give SAN’s a shot.

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