SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea Review

SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea Review

SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea Review

SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea is one of many products manufactured by SAN Nutrition. The company was created by Matt Boldt, an amateur athlete with an engineering and science background, after he realized that the nutritional supplements he was regularly consuming only came in two options: tasty with minimal effectiveness or incredibly expensive with little effectiveness. His goal was to create nutritional supplements that were reasonably priced, effective, tasted good, and assisted athletes in reaching their peak performance level without resorting to illegal substances. Over the past seventeen years, SAN Nutrition has done just that and created a name for itself in the world of sports nutritional supplements. 

SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea is considered by many in the fitness world to be one of the most potent green tea extracts currently on the market. Green tea extract is a powerful antioxidant that offers numerous health benefits and serves as a potent appetite suppressant. What sets SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea apart from similar products is how well the company performs in keeping the main ingredient in its purest and highest quality form. After it has been encapsulated it still contains 98% polyphenols and 60% EGCG, which far exceeds many comparable products. Polyphenols provide the antioxidant properties, while EGCG is a non-stimulant that promotes the burning of fat for energy (thermogenesis) and enhances calorie burning. 

​SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea Extract Key Ingredients

  • Green Tea Extract – Green tea extract has been used for thousands of years due to its powerful antioxidant effects. It acts to enhance the immune system, increase metabolism and energy levels, and improve the skin’s appearance. In addition, it acts as a free radical oxidiser. This is important because free radicals can inhibit a cell’s ability to function and decrease energy levels. Green tea extract also stimulates weight loss by suppressing the appetite and decreasing fat digestibility, not to mention shrinking fat cells themselves.

SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea Extract Flavours & Sizes

​SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea Extract comes in a bottle of 60 veggie caps, which is a two-month supply.

SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea Extract Dosage

Each serving of SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea Extract contains 500mg of green tea leaf, of which 300mg is made up of EGCG. At this level, even one capsule daily should provide some benefit, but you can take multiple servings per day depending on your individual needs.

Why we like SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea

  • Highly potent green tea extract
  • Convenient, easily dosed product
  • Antioxidant and fat burner in one


​SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea is a potent green tea extract supplement, delivering 500mg of green tea extract per capsule. Each capsule has 300mg of EGCG – the highly beneficial catechins responsible for fat burning, appetite suppression and the positive health effects. Take SAN Ultra Pure Green Tea daily for better health and performance.

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