SmartShake Signature Series Shaker Review

SmartShake Signature Series Shaker Review

SmartShake Signature Series Shaker Review

The SmartShake company was born out of necessity – other shaker bottles were not of high enough quality and design to hold liquids and powders safely until it was time to consume them. Featuring the highest quality manufacturing based on innovative Scandinavian design, the SmartShake range promises to be ‘The World’s Smartest Shaker’ – and not your average cheap plastic shaker bottle.

The SmartShake Signature Series is the new look in the SmartShake range, being officially licensed shaker bottles for four of the world’s best male and female bodybuilding and fitness athletes – Jay Cutler, Adela Garcia, Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman. Between them, these athletes share an incredible 22 Mr and Miss Olympia titles, as well as millions of adoring fans worldwide. Each SmartShake Signature Series has been designed and developed with the particular athlete in mind, and these are some of the best-looking and most function protein shaker bottles you’ll ever see.

SmartShake Signature Series Features

The Signature Series SmartShake bottles are leak-proof, high quality BPA and DEHP-free bottles, safe for dishwasher, microwave and freezer use. Not only is the shaker compartment useful for transporting your protein shakes and powders, but the other compartments make storing powders, pills, keys, snacks and other bits-and-pieces easy. The carabiner attached makes it easy to clip your SmartShake onto your backpack, gym bag or even belt loop, freeing your hands. This is truly one of the most advanced storage and highest quality tools for any fitness enthusiast.

SmartShake Signature Series Varieties

The SmartShake Signature Series comes in four varieties:

  • Jay Cutler – 800mL capacity, in Black/Purple.
  • Adela Garcia – 500mL capacity, in Pink/Black.
  • Phil Heath – 800mL capacity, in Black/Red.
  • Ronnie Coleman – 800ml capacity, in Blue/Gold.

Each of the four varieties features the colours chosen by the athletes, and every shaker bottle is emblazoned with the athlete’s signature and logo.


While we all have half a dozen protein shakers rolling around in our cupboards somewhere, high-quality and innovatively-designed bottles like the SmartShake Signature Series can’t be compared. With not only an attractive design, but some excellent features including several storage compartments, carabiner, divider, BPA and DEHP-free, and safe for almost every use, the SmartShake Signature Series is the ideal protein shaker.

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