Swisse Ultivite + Energy Review

Swisse Ultivite + Energy Review

Swisse Ultivite + Energy Review

Founded in 1969, Australian company Swisse has been manufacturing natural health products for over 50 years. The company was inspired after Kevin Ring, the company’s founder, visited Switzerland and experienced first-hand the benefits of natural Swiss medicine. Starting with a single product in 1969, Swisse now boasts an impressive product catalogue of over 200 items and is proud to have Nicole Kidman, Ricky Ponting and Mark Webber as their ambassadors.

One of Swisse’s more popular products is their Ultivite + Energy effervescent tablets. They have been specially formulated to stimulate energy production and provide advanced nutritional support during those occasional periods of nervous tension and stress that we all experience.

Ultivite + Energy Key Ingredients

Swisse Ultivite + Energy contains an impressive list of essential vitamins and minerals. These include B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc. During periods of illness and stress, many of these nutrients are easily depleted from the body. Swisse Ultivite + Energy contains specific doses of these key vitamins and minerals to ensure your daily activities are optimally supported.

Ultivite + Energy Flavours & Sizes

Each tube of Ultivite + Energy contains 20 effervescent tablets. The tablets quickly dissolve when added to a glass of water and have a mild, pleasant Orange taste.

Ultivite + Energy Dosage

One tablet a day dissolved in water is the recommended dosage for Ultivite + Energy, with vitamin C (200mg), folic acid (500mcg) and calcium (97.6mg) included at high doses.

Why We Like Ultivite + Energy

  • Simple, effective product
  • Can be taken anytime of the day
  • Pleasant-tasting flavour


During periods of stress or nervous tension, our body’s delicate balance of vitamins and minerals is disturbed. Swisse Ultivite + Energy is perfectly formulated to replace depleted nutrients, provide antioxidant support and boost general health and well-being, and is highly recommended for athletes or anyone else who takes on stressful activities often.

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