Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter Review

Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter Review

Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter Review

Top Secret Nutrition’s products feature ingredient blends that are different to 99% of competitor’s products, giving their customers unique and exciting products that stand out from the crowd. With intelligent product designs and research-supported ingredients, Top Secret Nutrition has the athlete’s needs firmly in mind.

Pump Igniter is Top Secret Nutrition’s signature pre-workout supplement, bringing together pump, strength, energy and mental focus-ingredients in a power-packed 7.5g serve. Pump Igniter is designed to maximise performance in and out of the gym, motivating and fuelling your body for ‘outrageous results’.

Pump Igniter Key Ingredients

  • Pump and Performance Synthesis – The first of two proprietary blends in Pump Igniter is designed to boost performance and nitric oxide production, and includes a good selection of powerful ingredients. The main players in this blend are beta-alanine, citrulline, beet root extract and higenamine, which are all potent strength, stamina and/or pump boosters.
  • Nootropic Mood Boosting Combination – This blend is responsible for that ‘razor-sharp’ focus you feel at the gym, as well as the fat-burning and energy-boosting properties that a good pre-workout gives you. The main ingredients in this blend are choline, caffeine, agmatine and l-dopa.

Pump Igniter Flavours & Sizes

Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter comes in a 14-serve and 30-serve size, in Cherry Limeade, Grape and Red Raspberry flavours.

Pump Igniter Dosage

Each serve of Pump Igniter is 7.5g, of which 3521mg is the Pump and Performance Synthesis, and 2485mg the Nootropic Mood Boosting Combination. We know that each serve contains 300mg of caffeine anhydrous, which is a fairly powerful dose, although none of the other ingredient amounts are disclosed. You will want to stay as close to that one-scoop serving size as possible, as you’ve got a fairly strong dose of stimulants in each scoop.

Why we like Pump Igniter

  • Decent serving size of 7.5g, packed with ingredients
  • Comes in 14 and 30-serve sizes
  • Advanced combinations of ingredients


Top Secret Nutrition Pump Igniter is a significant pre-workout supplement to add to your arsenal. With 300mg of caffeine per serve, it’s not for the faint of heart, but instead is ideal for anyone looking to get a freight-train level of energy, pump and focus in each scoop – perfect for the toughest of workouts.

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