Universal Animal Juiced Aminos Review

Universal Animal Juiced Aminos Review

Universal Animal Juiced Aminos Review

Universal Nutrition products are instantly recognisable for their yellow and black packaging, but beyond that, offer excellent bodybuilding supplements at very reasonable prices. Their range is not as large as those of Dymatize or Optimum Nutrition, but it is one of the larger supplement companies and has gained a steady following since 1977.

Universal Animal Juiced Aminos is a ‘powerful amino acid stack that is targeted and strategically enhanced for strength training athletes’. In true Animal style, Juiced Aminos promises to be a no-nonsense blend of the ideal amino acids and other compounds to maximise training potential and recovery, in a filler-free, great-tasting blend.

Universal Animal Juiced Aminos Key Ingredients

  • Anabolic BCAA & EAA Matrix – The amino acid blend in Juiced Aminos is first up on the label, combining not only the branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine, but several other aminos as well. This provides all the essential amino acids (EAA’s) that our bodies cannot produce on our own, and in specific ratios to ensure that no amino acid is deficient. This is ideal for growth and recovery.
  • Juiced AA Performance Blend – Next up is the performance blend in Juiced Aminos, combining more amino acids (such as glutamine, taurine and citrulline), as well as agmatine sulphate, GPLC, acetyl-l-carnitine arginate dichloride and l-alanyl l-glutamine. Most of these ingredients you would have seen in other supplements, although the last two mentioned are forms of carnitine and glutamine that we haven’t seen elsewhere. These are bonded specifically to other compounds to maximise absorption and delivery. Impressively, many of the ingredients on this list are brand-name (and therefore guaranteed for purity), such as AgmaPure, GlycoCarn, ArginoCarn and Sustamine.

Universal Animal Juiced Aminos Flavours & Sizes

Animal Juiced Aminos comes in a 30-serve tub, in Orange Juiced and Grape Juiced flavours. We’re happy to point out that although both flavours are 30-serves, they are different sizes (368g v 376g). What this means is that Universal has included the minimum amount of flavour and sweetener to create each flavour, and hasn’t used fillers in the 368g Orange to meet the 376g Grape weight. This is something we don’t often see with supplements, instead they normally choose to increase inactive ingredients to make uniform weights across flavours. What does this mean? Minimal additives.

Universal Animal Juiced Aminos Dosage

Each serve of Animal Juiced Aminos is approx. 12.5g, of which 6g makes up the BCAA/EAA blend and 4g the Performance Blend. 10g of active ingredient per 12.5g serve is excellent for an amino acid supplement, which generally needs plenty of flavouring to make it palatable. The recommended serving size is one scoop at least twice on training days, used around workouts. This might seem excessive, but it is optimal and can be adjusted depending on your training volume and your protein intake.

Universal Animal Juiced Aminos Features

  • Highly pure raw ingredients
  • Intelligent BCAA, EAA and performance blends
  • Minimal flavours and sweeteners


Universal Animal Juiced Aminos definitely delivers what it claims to – a highly advanced amino acid supplement designed to boost your performance and recovery. With a solid blend of BCAA’s, essential aminos and several other key performance compounds, Universal Animal Juiced Aminos is a great training partner for any hard-working athlete.

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