What Makes Optimum Nutrition a Great Brand?

What Makes Optimum Nutrition A Great Brand?

What Makes Optimum Nutrition a Great Brand?

Optimum Nutrition is universally-recognised as the world leader in sports supplements, although the competition is fierce. Many competitors have based their products, or their brands entirely, on Optimum’s – trying to emulate what they’ve achieved in the nutritional supplement industry since their inception in the 1980’s. Whether or not Optimum is your brand of choice, it’s clear that they have made an indelible mark on the fitness industry, and will be around for a long time yet.

Optimum Nutrition Quality

The number one commitment you hear from Optimum Nutrition time and time again, is their commitment to quality. Supplement users appreciate that their chosen brand strives to put the absolute best ingredients in each of their products, and commit to exactly what’s on each label. Optimum Nutrition manufactures its products in a cGMP registered plant – an extra level of quality that not every supplement company undertakes. In addition, Optimum sources the highest quality raw materials from trusted suppliers, and requires lab tests from suppliers as constant proof of this.

Optimum Nutrition Range

A new supplement user will be in awe at the product range from Optimum Nutrition. Although Australia is limited to the Optimum products we can have available to the public, there is still an incredible selection of products, particularly protein-based supplements. Optimum has several weight gainers, protein blends and recovery products, as well as amino acids and even chewable tablets. Obviously, their main product is Gold Standard Whey, which is the best-selling protein powder in the world. Many products are offered in several sizes and flavours, such as Gold Standard – with 16 distinct flavours, and three sizes on offer.

Optimum Nutrition Value

Thanks to in-house production, as well as being owned by Glanbia – an internationally-leading cheese and whey protein producer, Optimum Nutrition’s prices are always competitive. This allows Optimum to offer some of the world’s best products at prices that are comparable to any other brand on the market. With a huge range of sizes, buying protein or creatine in bulk often saves the customer plenty of money.

Optimum Nutrition Taste

Taste has always been an important focus for Optimum Nutrition, and their research and development team have done an excellent job to ensure that their high-quality sports nutrition products are not just palatable, but great-tasting. Gold Standard 100% Whey, for example, has 16 flavours. With a range of chocolate variations, as well as flavours like Strawberry Banana, Caramel Toffee and Coffee – there’s a flavour to suit most palettes. 

Optimum Nutrition Longevity

Finally, the fact that Optimum Nutrition has been around since 1986 plays a huge role in its success as a brand. People know and trust brands that have been on the shelves longer than any others – they recommend them to their friends and family as well. With so many changes in the supplement industry over these years, it’s a testament to the flexibility and consistency of the Optimum brand that they have remained not just relevant, but dominant over this period.

While it’s impossible in a short article to really define what makes Optimum Nutrition the most successful supplement company in the world, you can get a pretty good picture from it. With a commitment to quality and value for money; with some of the biggest ranges of products, flavours and sizes on the market; and with an incomparable longevity in the industry, there’s no real surprise that Optimum Nutrition is one of the great sports supplement companies of the past, the present and most likely for a long time in the future.

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