Which is the Best Protein Powder for Me?



We get a lot of enquiries asking us which is the best protein powder on the market currently. It's no wonder, as there are hundreds if not thousands of products, many of which are identical, or at the least very similar. It can be extremely difficult for anyone, and especially a newcomer, to determine which is the best protein powder for them, so in order to make the choice that much easier, we have compiled a list of our favourite protein powders. Since everybody's needs differ, we have also categorised them, to make them easier to find. Enjoy!

The Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Many people are looking for protein powders that will help them lose weight, increase muscle tone and burn fat. The best protein for this goal is a lean protein powder with added fat burning ingredients, also known as a ‘hydroxy protein'. Our pick is Body Science Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical, for a few reasons. Firstly, it is a blend of different protein sources, designed to feed muscles at different rates, which is optimal to maintain insulin levels and low body fat. Secondly, it has potent combinations of fat burning ingredients such as African Mango and Green Tea Extract to help burn more bodyfat and suppress appetite. It also tastes great!

The Best Protein Powder for Men

Although any protein powder can be used by men or women, some protein powders are designed more towards one or the other. Men's protein powders, generally, will enhance testosterone and growth hormone production, mainly through high concentrations of certain amino acids and healthy fats. For men, our recommendation for the best all-round protein powder is MusclePharm Combat Powder. It contains a full spectrum of amino acids, as well as a 5-protein blend and provides 25g of protein in each scoop. Once again, it tastes fantastic.

The Best Protein Powder for Women

The women's supplement range is growing for many manufacturers, and there are now many supplements geared specifically towards women. Generally, a women's protein powder will be very lean, with added thermogenic ingredients, and usually some carb or fat blockers. Maxine's Burn fits this bill nicely, and is made up of high quality whey and casein protein, enhanced with ingredients such as HCA and L-Carnitine, as well as vitamins and minerals. It's perfect for anytime of the day and gets our vote for the best women's protein.


The Best Post Workout Protein Supplement

Although everyone knows of the value of getting high quality protein sources straight after a workout, manufacturers have not marketed specific post workout protein powders until recently. There are now quite a few on the market. Post workout is the time when a high quality and fast absorbing protein need to be consumed, with it ideally are some high GI carbohydrates, BCAA's and glutamine for maximal digestion and recovery rates. Max's Cell Repair ticks all those boxes, and even boasts an antioxidant, anti-inflammation and immune assisting blend. With hydrolysed whey protein isolate (the fastest absorbing protein available), high GI carbs and a host of extra beneficial ingredients, Max's Cell Repair is our pick for the best post workout protein supplement.

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The Best Protein Powder for Bodybuilding

Finally, for those looking to stack on as much muscle as possible, the best bodybuilding protein will be a lean weight gainer blend. Any bodybuilder will tell you that to put on quality size you need a surplus of calories, and there is no quicker and more convenient way than a weight-gainer shake. But the blend needs to be fairly balanced, or else much of the weight gained will come from fat, not muscle. Dymatize Elite Mass is the balanced weight gainer that fits this bill. With 55g of protein and 77g of carb per serve, Elite Mass has enough calories to stimulate muscle growth without going overboard. Added to it is a healthy fat complex, vitamins and minerals, and creatine which rounds out all the tools needed for someone to gain muscle fast. Dymatize Elite Mass is the best protein powder for bodybuilding.


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So there are our picks for the best protein powders on the market currently. There are obviously limitless categories to choose from, but these five represent the most common of the categories weight trainers fit into.