Which is the Best Tasting Pre Workout Supplement?

Which is the Best Tasting Pre Workout Supplement?

Which is the Best Tasting Pre Workout Supplement?

If you read our recent article detailing the best tasting protein powders on the market, you might be wondering what the best preworkouts, bars, fat burners and amino acid supplements are. Well, we're happy to report that we've tasted most of them and we'll give you our opinions on which we think taste best.

There are so many pre workout supplements on the market, many of which are so similar in ingredient profile and flavour that you might be tempted to pick one at random and give it a try. We disagree, and think you should look closely at the ingredient make-up, the price, the reviews, and now our taste recommendations before you make a purchase. Especially if you're going to use it every workout.

Here are our choices for the best tasting pre workout supplements (once again, we're judging solely on taste).

Cellucor C4 Extreme 
Best flavour: Pineapple

Cellucor's products, as a rule, taste awesome. They have their flavourings dialled in, and we haven't tasted a Cellucor product we haven't liked. The worst we've ever had was Pink Lemonade C4 Extreme, and we'd give that a 7/10!

Go for Pineapple flavour C4 Extreme - it does taste like fake pineapple, but is extremely refreshing and delicious. Oh, and it's a pretty good product, too.

Gaspari SuperPump MAX 
Best flavour: Uncle Ritchie's Sour Apple

Another company renowned for its flavours, Gaspari Nutrition consistently get great reviews for all their flavourings. We love the Sour Apple SuperPump MAX - it's sour and crisp and just really tasty. Blue Raspberry also gets some excellent reviews, as does Pink Lemonade. You can't really go wrong with any of those choices.

We don't recommend Fruit Punch, though.

Purus Labs Condense 
Best flavour: Melonberry Cooler

Purus Labs only has a few products in its' range, but they are very well developed, with great flavours.

Condense comes in Melonberry Cooler and Crisp Apple flavours - both are great, but the melon just takes the cake.

Controlled Labs White Flood Reborn 
Best flavour: Electric Lemonade

White Flood Reborn is the newest version of White Flood, and is not only an excellent product, but a great tasting one also!  We really like the Electric Lemonade flavour, it's sweet and sour, the way lemonade should be, and tastes great with the recommended amount of water, as well as more diluted.

MusclePharm Assault 
Best flavour: Green Apple

MusclePharm Assault is one of the most popular pre workouts of all time, and consistently gets great reviews for taste as well as effectiveness.

The flavours are all on the sweet side (especially Orange Mango), so if you don't like your supplements too sweet, you may want to dilute or go for another product altogether. They do taste great, though, almost like sports drinks or cordials, and are great with ice-cold water.

So... Which one?

These five supplements are by far the standouts in terms of taste for a preworkout. They're all quite effective supplements as well, so you can't go wrong with any of them! Our choice would be the Sour Apple SuperPump MAX or the Pineapple C4 Extreme, but once again, they're all excellent!

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