Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150 Review

21 Apr 2016 James K Supplement Reviews

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150 Stim-Crazy Pre-Workout Review

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150

Rich Piana is one of the most iconic bodybuilders of the current generation – his boss attitude, massive 300lb + frame, multitude of tattoos and brutally honest YouTube videos have drawn him a huge fan base around the world. He has spoken out against supplement companies taking advantage of naïve (and particularly young) aspiring bodybuilders, and that’s why he markets his new supplement line 5% Nutrition as only an adjunct to real food, intelligent training and rest. He even goes as far to say that if anyone wants to gain size or get lean, they shouldn’t use 5% Nutrition, unless all the other bases are well covered. It may not be great for sales, but it certainly makes people respect Rich Piana’s message.

5150 Stim-Crazy Pre-Workout is the latest pre-workout product in the 5% Nutrition line. This product is mega-dosed to bring you one of the strongest pre-workout supplements currently on the market.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150 Key Ingredients 

- Caffeine – 5150 Stim-Crazy contains 8 types of caffeine in the form of caffeine anhydrous, dicaffeine malate, theobromine, caffeine (from green tea (leaf)), yerba mate extract (leaf), guarana extract 22% (seed), green coffee bean extract (seed), gotu kola extract (centella asiatica) (dried nut). This combination helps to activate all of the different caffeine receptors in the body to really increase energy levels.

- Niacin (B3) – This helps to promote blood flow so that you can feel the pump deep within your muscles.

- N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – This is widely used in the supplement industry to promote focus and concentration. This amino acid is used to improve cognitive function, build muscle, and stimulate cell growth and recovery.

- Higenamine – Another stimulant that is used to increase heart rate and blood flow. This increased blood flow also means that nutrients are transported to the muscles faster, reducing waste products to increase endurance. 

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150 Flavours & Sizes

5150 Stim-Crazy comes in a 300g (30 serve) tub and is available in Green Apple, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, and Wildberry.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150 Dosage

Rich Piana has made sure that all of his products are fully-dosed and 5150 is no exception. According to Rich, 5150 is a stim junkie’s dream. Each 10g serve contains 500mg of his caffeine blend, 4g l-citrulline, 2g l-taurine, 1g vitamin B12, 750mg n-acetyl l-tyrosine, 500mg choline bitrate and 180mg of his energy blend (higamine hydrochloride, hordenine hydrochloride, halostachine hydrochloride, synephrine hydrochloride). This is a very high proportion of active ingredients compared to a lot of other pre-workouts that favour sugar as the main ingredient. With an ingredient panel like this, it’s easy to see why 5% Nutrition is the leader in its field.

Why we like Rich Piana 5% Nutrition 5150

- Great blend of energy, pump, focus and strength enhancing ingredients.

- Fully-dosed serves of ingredients, including a whopping 400mg of caffeine.

- A range of 4 great tasting flavours – naturally flavoured.

- 90% active ingredients

The Bottom Line

Rich Piana has created some excellent products in his 5% Nutrition range that really live up to the hype. 5150 Stim-Crazy Pre-Workout is one of the strongest products available on the market and it’s about as clean as a pre-workout can get with 90% active ingredients. This product is for the hard-core gym junkie that really needs that extra hit of energy. Each ingredient has a specific purpose and is fully–dosed to ensure maximum performance. 

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