Ryderwear Raptors D-Maks RAW Review

13 Oct 2016 James K Supplement Reviews

Ryderwear Raptors D-Maks RAW Review

Ryderwear Raptors RAW

Ryderwear has quickly become one of the world’s best-known fitness clothing and footwear companies, with the iconic Raptors appearing on many professional athlete’s feet (Kai Greene and Larissa Reis to name a few). Not only is Ryderwear famous for footwear, but a huge range of clothing and fitness accessories that helps gym junkies perform at their peak and rock the latest fashion whilst doing so.

Ryderwear has recently released a massive range of Raptors, taking over from the now-discontinued ‘Colour Block’ edition, expanding into D-Maks and now the premium D-Maks RAW range. These shoes are the cream of the crop in terms of style and materials, helping the lifter to really make a statement in the gym or on the street.

Ryderwear Raptors D-Maks RAW Style

Ryderwear Raptors RAW GreyRyderwear Raptors RAW Blue

The new RAW D-Maks boast clean lines and an eye-catching design, in a similar build to the Raptors you’ve come to know and love. Three RAW colours are currently available – Grey, Blue and Burgundy, with matching coloured laces and a contrasting sole (tan sole on the Blue and Burgundy; white sole on the Grey). Unlike the regular D-Maks, the RAW lines feature an all-suede shoe (including the heel, which normally has a shiny plastic cap in the standard D-Maks). The result is a really great-looking lifting shoe, arguably the best out there at the moment.

Ryderwear Raptors D-Maks RAW Materials

The D-Maks RAW utilise the highest quality materials, including all-suede in the body of the shoe, latex heel cushioning, padded ankle support within, and a premium flat sole with triangular design. From a build standpoint, the D-Maks RAW shoes feel solid – the soles are glued well to the body; the stitching looks perfect and the logos and designs are embossed into the suede, not simply printed. In short, these shoes look and feel the way a premium shoe should look and feel.

Ryderwear Raptors D-Maks RAW Fit

As with most of the Raptors, the D-Maks RAW fit a little snug – I’m normally a US13, and I had to go to a US14. Note that although they do fit tightly initially, the Raptors do stretch somewhat (maybe up to half a size), so keep that in mind if you’re looking to switch out the sizes.

Ryderwear Raptors D-Maks RAW – The Bottom Line

We were super excited to open the cartons of the new Raptors D-Maks RAW when they arrived at our warehouse, and our excitement levels haven’t really died down yet – that’s a good sign. The new D-Maks RAW line are a premium lifting shoe, and definitely our favourite lifting shoe that we offer at Protein King. We love the flat soles, the high-quality build, the great colour range and the all-suede materials – and you will too!


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