Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump Review

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump Review

Arnold Pump - Protein King


Even if the image above isn’t your goal, you’ve got to admit it would be pretty cool to look like Arnie and talk about ‘the pump’ to a film crew while they stare in awe. Well (unfortunately) chances are most people aren’t going to ever look like the Austrian Oak. But we can definitely get a good pump at the gym. So that’s kind of the same thing, right?

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump is a no-nonsense pump-inducing formula that looks to give you not only an improved workout performance, but also that skin-splitting goodness that Arnold famously says is as good as … relations… with another person. How, you ask? By increasing nitric oxide production, which increases bloodflow; as well as by using a potent neuro-enhancer to improve your focus and intensity. That’s how. We’ll explain…

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump Key Ingredients

No stimulants of any kind make the blend, making Kraken Pump a great option for anyone looking to use a pre-workout at night, or hammer a bunch of other stimulants throughout the day without turning the dial to ‘11’ with their pre-workout. Four main ingredients make the mix:

Sparta Kraken Pump Ingredients

- HydroMax Glycerol (1g) – Glycerol is a fairly common ingredient in non-stim pre-workouts, and the main one in Kraken Pump. It works by drawing water into muscles, causing them to expand and tighten. Mmm, the fullness.

- Alpha-GPC (300mg) – L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (yes, that’s why they shorten it to Alpha-GPC!) is making its way into more and more pre-workouts, not for its ability to squat more, but rather due to the mental focus and cognition benefits it provides. It’s actually a common ingredient in many nootropic supplements for this reason.

- VASO-6 (150mg) – Yep, we’ve never heard of this one either, but it’s made up of six components (hence the ‘6’ in the name) found in green tea and grape extracts. These enhance nitric oxide synthesis which, as we mentioned earlier, boosts bloodflow. #PUMPS!

- Pine Bark Extract (100mg) – Stuff from a tree. But seriously, another novel ingredient to increase nitric oxide production within the body – sounds legit.

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump Dosage

Each serve of Kraken Pump is 3.5g, with 1g glycerol, 300mg Alpha-GPC, 150mg VASO-6 and 100mg Pine Bark Extract. At these levels, you should see a decent result, although we’d probably double the dose (for 20 servings per tub) for maximum results.

Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump Flavours and Sizes

Each tub of Kraken Pump is 140g, which gives 20-40 serves depending on how hard you want to hit it. Flavours-wise, we have Bombsicle, Sour Gummy Bear and Unflavored on the menu today.

Why we Like Sparta Nutrition Kraken Pump

- No proprietary blend formula
- Flavoured and unflavoured options
- Four no-nonsense ingredients

The Bottom Line

Although it comes in a teeny tub, Kraken Pump gives you the raw materials to get the stim-free job done.