The End of MusclePharm Arnold Series?

13 May 2016 Ellie E Supplement News

The End of MusclePharm Arnold Series?

MusclePharm Arnold Series

There’s been no shortage of controversy over at MusclePharm in the last 12 months or so, with the ‘Athlete’s Company’ facing financial and legal issues, as well as a recent revision of the company’s board members. With these controversies, and with a gradual reduction in availability of the MusclePharm Arnold Series supplement line, one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets has been confirmed.

MusclePharm Arnold Series has been officially discontinued.

In a statement released on May 6, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s spokesman Daniel Ketchell announced that Arnold officially ended his relationship with MusclePharm, of which he was a stock-holder, due to ‘the distractions caused by the significant issues that MusclePharm faces’. With that news, it wasn’t long before MusclePharm had to concede that the Arnold Series would no longer continue to be a brand. At Protein King, we’ve completely sold out of our Arnold Series stock, so unless the last lots of clearance stock from suppliers hits the market, you will no longer find the Arnold Series line on our website.

What Does This Mean for Arnold Series Fans?

Like many, we enjoyed several of the Arnold Series products, especially the Iron Mass and Iron Dream. Obviously with the brand being discontinued, fans won’t be able to get their hands on any more of the Arnold Series – what is left on the market is the last of the Arnold Series. A saving grace, though, is that many of the blends and flavourings of Arnold Series products we comparable to already-existing MusclePharm supplements – so Arnold fans might happily switch to existing MusclePharm lines.

What Does This Mean for MusclePharm?

Obviously MusclePharm is dealing with quite a few issues, and this will be a big blow for the brand. They are still one of the world’s leading supplement brands, so we feel this will just be a speed bump for the juggernaut that is MusclePharm. As yet, we have no word on anything other than ‘business as usual’ for the Athlete’s Company, so fans of MusclePharm shouldn’t be too concerned at the moment.