The Five Strongest Pre-Workouts of 2018

The Five Strongest Pre-Workouts of 2018
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We love lists, and we know you guys do too… So it’s time for another one! Today’s best-of list is one of the most fun (and most dangerous for us as reviewers) – the Five Strongest Pre-Workouts of 2018. Normally when we review a product we take everything into account – taste, ingredient profile, price,etc. – but today’s a little different. We are purely looking for the strongest, the most mind-blowing, muscle-building, energy-exploding pre-workouts on our shelves at the moment. We’re looking for heavy stims – the kind that will have you walking into the gym feeling like King Kong on speed – the kind that makes the weights scream ‘mercy’ before you lay your hands on them. Specifically, we’re looking for stimulants and neuro-enhancers.

Now these choices may not necessarily be our favourite pre-workouts, or the most well-rounded products we stock – but they are definitely the most powerful. So, here we go!

5) BSN N.O.-Xplode XE Edge

Highlights: 500mg l-tyrosine, 500mg choline bitartrate, caffeine anhydrous 325mg, acetyl-l-carnitine 375mg, mucuna pruriens 250mg, longan extract 200mg, theacrine 25mg…

A pre-workout powerhouse, BSN NO Xplode XE Edge contains a nice blend of energy-producing and neuro-enhancing ingredients at fairly strong doses. On the neuro-side, tyrosine, acetyl-l-carnitine, choline, mucuna pruriens and l-theanine make an appearance – which combine to give you a nice level of focus and feeling of wellbeing. The stims doing the heavy lifting in XE Edge are caffeine anhydrous (of course), but also a mix of lesser-known stimulant ingredients, including longan extract, lindera extract, theacrine and guayusa.

We definitely enjoyed the feeling on XE Edge – focussed, alert, but not over-aggressive. A worthy contender on our Strongest Pre-Workouts of 2018 list!

4) Nutrabolics Supernova

Highlights: 600mg dendrobium, 300mg theobromine, 200mg caffeine anhydrous, 100mg bitter orange, 100mg theanine, 150mcg huperzine

Next up, we have somewhat of a surprise – Nutrabolics Supernova. It’s a surprise to us not because we didn’t like the product previously, but the surprise is that it’s actually stronger than Stim-X – the high-stim Nutrabolics offering!

Supernova is no-nonsense – with nine ingredients, and six of those dedicated to focus and energy-boosting. We like the 200mg of caffeine – it allows the other stims to kick in and help, rather than the feeling you get from some 400mg-plus caffeine dosed pre-workouts – your heart jumps out of your mouth, you get headachy and can’t seem to focus properly. Supernova delivers some nice energy, and a bit of that intense focus that we like from synephrine and theobromine (ever eaten too much dark chocolate?).

Overall, you’ll get a strong workout from the stim and focus blends, not to mention the citrulline, beta-alanine and betaine at good doses to round it out.

3) Kodiak Attack

Highlights: 750mg n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, 350mg caffeine blend, 50mg N-PEA HCl, 25mg CDP-choline, 50mcg huperzine-A

We’re super-excited at the timing of this list – we have received two new pre-workouts within the last few days, and they’ve both made our top five list! The first of these two is Kodiak Attack.

We’ll be honest, we didn’t know much about Kodiak Attack until a few weeks ago, but we’re so glad we discovered this strong-as-hell pre-workout! In the 10g serving size, you’re getting five stim and focus ingredients – but they are some of the most powerful you’ll experience. Obviously caffeine makes the cut, but we love the blend of caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate – you’re getting different absorption rates which we always prefer to the upfront sledgehammer option. Unless you’re a seasoned stim-junkie, the N-PEA Hcl at 50mg is going to knock you around and have you buzzing – it’s a highly purified form of one of the most trusted and potent stims currently legal.

On top of the stims, there’s a nice mix of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine – a great cognitive enhancer, as well as CHP-Choline (another popular neuro enhancer and nootropic), and huperzine-A (same again). The result of taking a serve of Kodiak Attack is not only the heart rate increase and ‘get after it’ feeling that a good stim-laden pre-trainer gives you, but also an intense focus and ‘one-mindedness’ to get the job done.

2) Redcon1 Total War

Highlights: 350mg caffeine, 150mg AMPiberry, 50mg Cocoteanol

The second newbie on our Top Five Strongest Pre-Workouts of 2018 list, Redcon1 Total War has always been a favourite for anyone looking to destroy the weights in their gym, and with good reason. Looking at the list of stims, you might think that Total War is lacking in power, and indeed it doesn’t have DMHA (like it used to), or a couple of banned ingredients found in the US-version. But don’t take Total War lightly – it’s still one of the most powerful pre-workouts on the market.

Total War features 350mg of caffeine, from a blend of caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate, which, just like Kodiak Attack above, is our preferred method of caffeine ingestion. But the real point-of-difference in Total War is the AMPiberry – a little-known stimulant ingredient that delivers a serious kick. AMPiberry is probably not on the same level as a DMAA/DMHA/AMP citrate ingredient – but the closest thing that we’ve come across since they were banned. Total War also includes a Cocoteanol blend – which is a blend of theobromine and camellia sinensis (green tea) – two nice sources of natural stimulants which help to round out the blend.

If Total War lacks anything, it’s a potent cognitive blend, but the stimulants, while simple, and super-strong – and that’s really what we’re looking for on this list…

1) Body War Pre War Unleashed V3

Highlights: choline bitartrate 500mg, caffeine anhydrous 250mg, stimfx 160mg, PEA 140mg, velvet bean extract 100mg, hordenine 45mg, higenamine 40mg, huperzine-A 700mcg

OK, so we love Body War Nutrition’s supplements, but we had no idea when writing this and the Top Five Fat Burners of 2018 articles that a Body War product would come out on top twice. We double-checked our ratings actually, just to make it more fair for the other brands and… nope. We can’t put Body War Pre War Unleashed V3 below any product on this list. So, Body War goes 2 for 2!

Pre War Unleashed V3 is a sledgehammer of ingredients we’re looking for – high-energy and high-focus – so it’s a pretty clear winner for us. There’s 250mg of caffeine in each serve, but a whole host of other stims to take up any slack. The PEA dose of 140mg is huge when it comes to a pre-workout – you’re seriously going to feel it. You’ve got hordenine and higenamine in the mix as well – two stimulants that deliver ephedra-like effects, as well as stimFX – a stimulant ingredient which we admit we’ve never heard of before Body War started using it in Pre War and Body Shred.

But Body War Pre War Unleashed V3 doesn’t end there – you’re also getting a hefty dose of huperzine-A, choline bitartrate and velvet bean for that cognition and feel-good boost that seems to accompany the best workouts.

So, all said and done, there are five great candidates on the list for Strongest Pre-Workout of 2018, but our clear winner is Body War Pre War Unleashed V3!