The Latest Keto Supplements to hit Australia

The Latest Keto Supplements to hit Australia

Keto supplements are a hot topic right now, and we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of Protein King customers trying exogenous ketones and other ketogenic supplements as a way to increase energy, burn fat and improve mood. Keto supplements are becoming a staple in many fitness plans, and as a result we’re seeing more and more brands creating and releasing exciting new supplements to the Australian ketogenic market.

If you read our article from December 2017 – Which Keto Supplement is Right For Me?, you would have seen a comprehensive write-up on the most effect ketogenic supplements to support your fitness goals. But in just three months since that article was published, there have been over a dozen new keto products to hit the Protein King shelves – we can’t seem to keep up! Rather than a full re-write, we decided instead to give you a brief look-in to the latest ketogenic supplements to be released in Australia, and give you our thoughts on them.

Perfect Keto
Perfect Keto Pure C8 Oil

One of Australia’s favourite ketogenic brands is Perfect Keto, and they recently released two products in particular which drew our attention: Perfect Keto Pure C8 MCT Oil, and Perfect Keto MCT Oil Softgels. MCT’s are a staple ketogenic diet ingredient, so these Perfect Keto supplements are a natural fit. The Pure C8 MCT Oil is directly comparable to Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil (and is over 20% cheaper!) – great for enhancing mental focus as well as boosting energy and spurring ketosis.

Some more excellent news for Perfect Keto fans – the Perfect Keto Base exogenous ketones are on sale (and we hope to keep them on sale for as long as possible!) – down to $84.95 from our usual $99.95 price. As more keto supplements hit the market, we should hopefully see prices continue to come down a little...

Ketond Advanced Ketone Blend

Ketond is a very popular keto brand overseas, and has only recently reached our shelves. Australia has given Ketond a great reception – we sold out of our initial order very quickly! Ketond has a number of popular products – the most popular of which is the Advanced Ketone Blend. This is an exogenous ketone product in three great flavours – Caramel Macchiato, Tiger’s Blood and Citrus Mango; and what’s more, it’s very reasonably-priced for a keto supplement at $139.95 for 30 serves. This makes it approx. 15% cheaper than Perfect Keto Base or 26% cheaper than Kegenix Prime for the equivalent size!

Ketond also offers a Ketostax MCT Oil Powder and a Ketostax Metabolic Accelerator – which is a blend of thermogenic ingredients that add easily to your exogenous ketones. There’s more on the way from this exciting brand as well!

Kiss My Keto
Kiss My Keto Marine Collagen

Kiss My Keto is one of the more forward-thinking keto brands on the market, and they’ve certainly come to the party with their new Marine Collagen powder. Most collagens on the market are made from beef bones, but this is the first collagen powder (that we’re aware of) that is entirely fish-based, being made from wild-caught snapper.

But Kiss My Keto didn’t stop there – they’ve also released two other supplements – Keto Shake and Keto Protein. Keto Shake is a meal replacement, blending MCT’s with whey protein in a high-fat low-carb powder. Keto Protein is a combination of collagen protein (bovine-based) and MCT oil powder – making it a higher protein blend similar to Perfect Keto Collagen. Overall, more exciting products from one of our favourite companies.

Ketologic BHB

Two products currently feature in the Ketologic range, but they’ve promised more to come! Currently, they offer a Keto BHB (exogenous ketones) supplement, and a keto Meal Replacement. The Keto BHB comes in both flavoured and unflavoured versions – this is the only unflavoured exogenous ketone supplement we are aware of!

Ketologic Meal Replacement is a great product, delivering 20 serves per tub of a combination of MCT oil powder, whey protein, coconut oil, fibre, vitamins and minerals for a 7g protein, 6g carb (2g fibre), 13g fat blend. That’s a nice calorie ratio of 17% protein, 10% carb and 73% fat. Keep an eye on Ketologic for some great ketogenic supplements!

Ketogo Ketones

Finally, and hot off the presses, Ketogo is the latest ketogenic brand to come down under, and it’s so new that at the time of writing this article we don’t even have it available for sale! Don’t worry, by the time you read this, all the links will be active and you’ll be able to read up and get on board with this exciting new company…

Ketogo has one signature supplement at the moment – Ketogo® Ketones, in a 30-serve pouch, in Sangria Splash, Electric Lime and Black Forest Cake flavours. Ketogo® Ketones will be our cheapest keto supplement (per 11.7g ketone serve), at just $119.95 for 30 serves. We told you the prices are coming down!


So, there you have the absolute latest information on the ketone supplements Australia has recently offered to consumers, and as usual Protein King is your go-to for all your keto needs!