Which Keto Supplement is Right for Me?

1 Dec 2017 James K Supplement Reviews

Which Ketone Supplement is Right for Me?

It seems like every day a new ketone supplement hits the market that’s slightly different from the competition – much like any other supplement category! For anyone looking to get into (and stay in) ketosis, it’s important to choose a keto supplement that’s going to meet your needs. So, thanks to many questions from Protein King’s followers, we’ve created this article giving anyone looking for a keto supplement just a little extra information on how to make the right choice!

Keto Ingredients

We won’t go into depth here (read our All About Keto Series), but on a basic level, the most common ingredient in most keto supplements is exogenous ketone salts. They are most commonly in the form of a salt (sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium – or a blend), attached to betahydroxy butyrate – which is the exogenous ketone ingredient. Supplementation with these ketone salts has been shown in research to reliably increase blood ketone levels quickly – often in minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks that a diet alone might achieve. So, first and foremost, if you’re looking to get into ketosis, you’ll want to look for exogenous ketones in your supplement.

Next up in most keto supplements, MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil is what might be considered a ‘turbo booster’ for your ketosis. MCT oil comes in liquid, powder or softgel form, and is a highly mobile fat source which can be utilised within the body much quicker than many other forms of fat. The result of this is enhanced ketone production within the body and better energy levels by the user as compared to diet or ketones alone. MCT oil may also increase the length of time in ketosis brought on by the exogenous ketones, thanks to fat’s ability to slowly digest and assimilate within the body.

Finally, your keto supplement might have some added boosters depending on your individual needs (fat loss, energy, reduce hunger etc). So you’ll need to consider whether ingredients like carnitine, caffeine, fiber, vitamins and amino acids are useful to you.

Exogenous Ketone Supplements

If you’re looking to pick an exogenous ketone supplement alone, we have some great options at Protein King. These are great options for anyone looking to start their keto journey, or anyone who has their diet dialled in to the point where they don’t want any boosters – just pure exogenous ketones. Here is a little info on each of the options available:

- Perfect Keto Base – a great-tasting, versatile ketone supplement which blends calcium and magnesium BHB in a 11.38g dose. It comes in a 15-serve tub, with four flavour choices – Coffee, Chocolate Sea Salt, Vanilla and Peaches & Cream. Perfect Keto Base works out at around $6.66 per serve.

- Kiss My Keto Exogenous Ketones – comes in a Pink Lemonade flavour, delivering sodium and calcium BHB at 12g per serve. Each 514g tub is $129.95, which works out at just $4.33 per serve! A great option for exogenous ketones in bulk.

- KetoSports Keto CaNa – one of the oldest ketone supplements on the market, KetoCaNa is a blend of calcium and sodium BHB at 11.7g per serve. Flavours available are Strawberry Lemonade and Natural Orange, and they work out right around $6.87 per serve.

- KetoSports KetoBlitz and KetoSports KetoForce – these are both liquid keto supplements, for anyone who prefers a liquid to a powder – they’re a great option. KetoForce delivers 11.7g BHB at $6.87/serve and is unflavoured, while KetoBlitz comes in a Limeade flavour and provides 12.9g BHB at $7.50/serve.

MCT Oil Supplements

There are literally dozens of MCT oil supplements on the market, thanks to growing popularity, so we’ll name just a few here. You can check out our full MCT oil range here.

MCT Oil Liquids

- Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil – this popular MCT liquid is a highly-purified C8 MCT oil – meaning it contains only caprylic acid. This is widely-regarded as the most beneficial for ketosis. Brain Octane comes in a number of sizes, the largest being 946mL, which provides 64 x 15mL serves at $1.06/serve.

- NOW MCT Oil – another great option, the NOW MCT oil comes in an unflavoured and a Vanilla Hazelnut option, and is extremely well-priced at just $0.57/serve for the large 946mL size!

MCT Oil Powders

- Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder – probably the most popular MCT oil powder on the market, the Perfect Keto variety provides 30 x 10g serves of MCT oil powder (unflavoured) at around $1.73/serve.

- Quest MCT Oil Powder – ideal for mixing or baking, the Quest MCT Oil Powder includes some extra ingredients to help with texture and taste, and provides 50 x 9g serves (7g MCT’s) at $1.10/serve.

- Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Powder – another larger size option, the Kiss My Keto MCT Oil Powder provides 32 serves with 15g MCT per serve, and comes in at $1.81/serve.

Keto Supplement Blends

If you’re looking for a great all-round keto supplement (and don’t want to mix the ingredients yourself!), these keto blends are great options. As a rule, the products on this list are a blend of exogenous ketones plus ingredients such as MCT oils, vitamins, fibre and others.

- Giant Sports Giant Keto – first up, Giant Keto is a blend of BHB (14.6g/serve), plus an impressive blend including aspartic acid, fibre, carnitine tartrate and vitamins. It comes in two flavours (more to come) and is around $5.50/serve.

- Finaflex PX Ketoburn – this is another great blended ketone supplement, which includes a 14.2g blend of MCT’s and BHB – a simple and effective blend. It’s priced at around $4.50/serve.

- Kegenix Prime – possibly the most popular keto supplement on the market today, Kegenix Prime is another simple combination of MCT oil powder + exogenous ketones at 10g total per serve. Kegenix Prime comes in two flavours and is priced around $6.66 per serve.

- Switch Nutrition Keto Switch – the final keto supplement on this list is also one of the most comprehensive, being a blend of 12.9g BHB (calcium, magnesium and sodium), as well as 1g MCT oil, 1g taurine, 1g leucine, 500mg acetyl-l-carnitine and vitamins C, B6 and B12. Keto Switch comes in a 20-serve tub at $4.75/serve.

Wrapping it All Up

So there’s a comprehensive (but not exhaustive!) list of ketone supplements available at the moment. In summary, anyone looking for straight ketones to boost their blood ketone levels can choose any of the exogenous ketone supplements listed above for a great start. To boost your diet or performance, try adding MCT oil to the mix, or simply choose a keto supplement blend to cover your bases when it comes to energy, performance, fat loss and mental clarity!

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