ASN Nano Creatine

ASN Nano Creatine

Optimum Micronized Creatine

Optimum Micronized Creatine

EHP Labs Crea-8 Pure Creatine Monohydrate

EHP Labs Crea-8 Pure Creatine Monohydrate

ASN Nano Creatine

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ASN Nano Creatine Supplement

ASN Nano Creatine 

' The World's Best Creatine! ' - The King of Creatine in the sports nutrition industry.

  • 100% Solubility
  • 100% Crystal Clear
  • 100% No Stomach Upset
  • 100% No Gritty Residue
  • 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade
  • HPLC Tested Creapure Creatine in Nanorised Form.
  • Faster Absorption
  • Smaller Particles
  • Better Performance
  • Better Results
  • Higher Purity
  • Higher Potency
  • No Gritty Residue
  • Made from Creapure Creatine from Germany.

Creapure of Germany, the world's best creatine material supplier, has licensed ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition to display the Creapure Logo on the NANO Creatine Products. This is proof of the high standards ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition set in the sports nutrition industry. ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition was the first company in the world to make a scientific break-through with NANO-Creatine. A technology which makes all other creatines a thing of the past. A technology which has revolutionized the sports industry as we know it!

With so many different creatine products on the market, one creatine still shines above the rest in regards to absorbability, stability, dissolvability and performance.... NANO Creatine, pure nanorised Creapure Creatine.

How does NANO Creatine Work?

Creatine is present in the muscular tissue of many vertebrates, including man. It is a precursor of creatine phosphate, which in turn, acts as an energy store in the muscles: creatine phosphate is a compound with high energy bonds and serves to maintain the supply of ATP necessary for muscle contractions. Muscle energy is enhanced and muscle endurance is greater, creating muscle growth. 

Creatine is a natural substance that is also found in many food sources as well as stored within muscle tissue.  During aerobic exercise or high intensity sports such as; weight lifting, sprinting, football, etc....The contraction of muscle takes place without the use of oxygen. Muscles metabolize or release energy by the means of a chemical reaction of a substance called ATP (Adenosine Tri-phosphate). Stored ATP within muscle is limited to approximately a 10 second supply and must be constantly re-synthesized for continuous maximum muscle contractions. 

Creatine is an integral part of the chemical reaction to re-synthesizing ATP. The more creatine your muscle can hold, the more fuel you have for re-synthesizing ATP and the result will be explosive muscular power, increased stamina, enhanced and greater intensity with less muscular fatigue.

Scientists found that our bodies can actually store more creatine in our muscle cells than we produce. Approximately 120g of creatine is found in a 70 kg male, 95% in the skeletal muscle. Total creatine exists in muscle as both free creatine (40%) and phosphocreatine (60%). It appears that supplemental creatine monohydrate increases muscle total creatine, including both free and phosphocreatine. The average human body can store in excess around 40g of total creatine ( free + Phosphocreatine ).

Phosphocreatine is the direct precursor for your energy system while free creatine is the direct precursor for phosphocreatine. This not only has the effect of increasing the availability of creatine to be used in your energy cycle but also it increases the fluid within the muscle cell associated with the osmotic effect of increased intramuscular free creatine. This increases the muscle cell size in which more nutrients can be transported and stored within the muscle to be used for energy and protein synthesis, increasing exercise performance, recovery and muscle growth.

Creatine is not only beneficial for increasing performance during exercise and recovering properly after exercise, it also has a lot of other health benefits as well. There are numerous scientific studies which confirm this. It is of great benefit to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients as CHF patients exhibit endogenous intracellular Creatine levels approximately 20% lower than normal and supplementary Creatine helps to restore normal Creatine levels. This is because some of the body's Creatine pool is stored in the Heart. Creatine halts the further progression of Gyrate Atrophy of the Choroid and Retina. It counteracts the Cachexia associated with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) - because it helps increases Muscle mass and Muscle Strength in AIDS patients.

Fibromyalgia patients have significantly lower levels of Creatine than healthy people and supplemental Creatine helps to restore endogenous Creatine levels to normal. Creatine also helps to protect the Brain from Concussion and accelerates the healing of the Brain after Concussion. It has also been associated with increased brain function. Maintaining optimum levels of creatine within the body seems to be a major health benefit for general health and wellbeing. This not only makes it a necessity for sports people, but all people alike.

ASN NANO Creatine is made using a process ASN have developed called 'NANO' Technology - a revolutionary technology that takes nutritional and sports supplements to the next level.

What is NANO Technology?

NANO Technology is a patented advanced process which miniaturizers any powdered materials, such as creatine, glutamine, amino acids, foods, herbs, vitamins & minerals etc. into molecule sized particles, over 1250 times smaller than a micronizing process. It is aptly named "NANO", which is one step down from the measurement micro. As with all manufactured raw nutritional materials, a single particle may be made up of thousands of molecules of that ingredient. In regards to creatine, one particle of Micronized Creatine may be made up of one thousand molecules of creatine.

To make NANO Creatine we take the highest grade Creapure Micronized Creatine from Germany, the purest in the world and put it through our revolutionary NANO Technology process which enables us to separate the individual molecules of the creatine from the particles of the Micronized material. This process not only makes the material smaller in size but also eliminates any other impurities within the original material that were part of the Micronized particle. The end product is a material that is not only smaller in size but also of higher purity.

Increase in Efficiency!

With the particles being so tiny, over 1250 times greater than a micronized process, the efficiency of absorption is increased. Because of their NANO size, they start to behave more like ions, becoming very electro-static in nature and therefore easily pass through cell membranes, allowing assimilation straight into the bloodstream.

Compare NANO Creatine against Micronized Creatine under an electron microscope. See the huge difference in the particle size.

ASN Nano Creatine Comparison
Absorbs Faster

The smaller the particles of any substance, the easier it is to be absorbed. Your skin, digestive tract and under your tongue contain membranes that are selective in what they let through. Acting like tiny filters, only the smallest of particles will be absorbed straight away. NANO Technology allows this to happen. Quicker digestion and faster utilization is a certainty with ASN's revolutionizing NANO-Creatine.

Higher Purity

Once you have processed the creatine using NANO Technology, you create an even purer creatine. The more pure the creatine, the less solvents and impurities it will contain.

No Stomach Cramps and Upsets

You have probably noticed that when you mix creatine monohydrate most of the particles will sink straight to the bottom of the glass. These undissolved particles cause you to have stomach discomfort. With micronized Creatine being of smaller particles, some creatine dissolves but most stays suspended and then after the particles settle to the bottom.

The bio-availability of creatine has always been a concern. Even though it has a lot of health and performance enhancing benefits, the raw manufactured material is fairly large on a pharmacokinetic scale and it is not very soluble in liquid. Its solubility in room temperature water is around 1.4% and the raw material particle sizes vary from 100-500 microns in size. Because of this, oral consumption of creatine has caused adverse side effects. Scientific studies have been done on the pharmacokinetics (the study of the absorption, uptake, distribution, metabolism and excretion of substances introduced into the body) of micronised creatine powder and it was found that only 0.2-3% of the creatine ingested was absorbed over a 90 minute period. That is to say if you consume 5 grams of creatine, only a maximum of 150mg of creatine is going to be absorbed over a 90 minute period. That means there is still going to be 4.85 grams of creatine sitting in your gut.

Because of this inefficiency of absorption, fluid is then drawn into your digestive system, giving you a bloated look. Because fluid has been robbed from your body and into your digestive system, certain effects may take place. Loss of fluid from muscles causes dehydration and cramps during exercise. Excess fluid in the digestive system causes stress on the intestinal tract leading to increased bowel movements and diarrhea. Because water balance has been interrupted within the body, overcompensation occurs within the rest of the body after the non-absorbed creatine has been excreted to try and rebalance fluid levels, causing excess 'puffiness' of the tissues, leading to a bloated look.

Because of the inefficiency of absorption of creatine it was devised to take it in divided doses during the day and to do this for 5 days, so at the end of the five days your body will be ‘loaded up' with the creatine. Then thereafter a ‘maintenance' dose was suggested to maintain saturation within your body. The unfortunate effect of this however, is that because of poor bio-availability of the creatine, most of it will end up going down the toilet, along with your hard earned cash. That is to say if you spend around $80 for 2kg of creatine, only around 200g at most will be absorbed and utilised by your body. This means in regards to usable product you're paying around $80 for 200g of creatine.

Use 1/2 as much as Micronized Creatine

With NANO Creatine because of its small particle size you get 100% bio-availability with no side effects! 100% of the NANO Creatine you take will be absorbed into your body. That's to say if you spend $80 for 500g of NANO Creatine, 500g will be absorbed and utilised by your body. More than double the amount when compared to 2kg of the standard variety. NANO Creatine is more efficient, of higher purity and more cost effective when it comes to comparing it with Micronized Creatine.

ASN Nano Creatine Micronized Comparison

Check the samples Above!

It's hard to believe both glasses contain ten grams of creatine. Have a close look a the glass containing NANO Creatine, it has fully dissolved. Because of this new amazing technology your body is able to absorb every gram of it giving you strength, performance and power like never before.

Container Size: NANO Creatine comes in 2 convenient sizes, 200g (66 serves) and 500g (166 serves).

Serving Size: 1 heaped teaspoon contains 3000mg HPLC tested NANO Creatine

How to Use

Increase Performance: Take 1 serving 15 min before exercise.

Increase Muscle Mass: 1 serving 15 min before and straight after exercise. A loading phase is optional.

Serving Suggestion

Combine with HP-100, NANO Peptide Extract in 200ml of water and consume before and after exercise.

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