Best Online Supplement Store Australia

It’s been over a decade since Protein King first opened its' doors to the public. From humble beginnings with our mission to not only provide a massive range of supplements at super low prices, BUT ALSO to provide the fastest shipping AND best customer service. Nothing like this really existed at the time. It’s not easy to be the Protein King of Australia and be able to offer such high levels in all four of the above categories.

In this time, we’ve seen dozens of new health and supplement stores come and go. Some new retailers will offer ridiculously low prices to attract new business - so low in fact, that it’s unsustainable and they close down shortly afterwards when the bills start piling up and they can’t meet their running costs.

Some supplement stores will open up, offer the major health brands, but unfortunately will be slow as #### to ship your order. Customer lost for good!

Others will open up with staff that are really just business people who don’t even work out or take supplements themselves. Heard the saying… “Do you even lift?”

Recently there have been a bunch of chemists and online “discount retailers” throwing their hats into the supplement ring - offering cheap supplements to the Australian public. Often, however, their product range is small as their main focus is pharmaceuticals or random products such as car parts, phone accessories or other quick sells - not just gym supplements.

Similarly with supermarket chains, having such a small amount of shelf space means you're only getting very few brands on offer - and the supplements that are on offer are usually the very expensive smaller-serving varieties. Supermarkets simply don’t have the shelf space to stock big 10lb bags of Optimum Gold Standard Whey in several flavours.

What about ordering from overseas suppliers? Yikes! You may get lucky here and receive your order with no issue, however dealing with shipping delays, high postage costs, unfavourable exchange rates, 10% GST on arrival, and customs issues with banned ingredients not being allowed in to the country is just a nightmare and not worth the headache and stress.

Protein King strives to be the best at what we do. We listen to customer feedback and put it to action. If we have request for a brand we don’t stock, we get it in, ASAP! If we are getting complaints about a certain courier we use, we find a new one that can keep up!

Most importantly, we don’t participate in sales and marketing “tactics”. Free this and free that, when really it's all factored in to the inflated price of the product. We like to offer the lowest possible price for our loyal customers always. No coupon code required!

Protein King employs staff who know their stuff - whether you're after a fat burner like Oxyshred, or the current most powerful pre-workout supplement. Ask us for personalised advice!

Orders placed before 2pm AEST Monday to Friday are shipped that same day. Some even arrive that same afternoon if placed early enough, (usually in the Sydney metropolitan area).

Got a supplement question? Give us a call 8am- 5pm Monday to Friday. Or email us anytime. We answer as soon as humanly possible.

All of this contributes to our 'no B.S.' approach to business.

If you’ve been looking for a new no B.S. online supplement store retailer that has over 120 brands in stock and ready to ship at the lowest price possible; with the best customer service and fastest shipping times, give Protein King a try and see why so many people become loyal returning customers and never leave.